Friday, May 4, 2018

Holy Father Tells Heretical German Bishops to Vote for Doctrine Rather Than Seek Answers from the Magisterium

This is a significant development.

After a clear division over giving Communion to the Protestant spouses of Catholics in mixed marriages led to a rare summit between German prelates and Vatican officials on Thursday, the Germans were told that Pope Francis appreciates their “ecumenical commitment” and would like them to find a “possibly unanimous” solution.

The outcome seems to make clear that Francis is not inclined to settle the dispute himself, preferring that the German bishops work it out among themselves.

So, here we have a situation where Church teaching is clear, but a group of heretical bishops formally asks the Pope for permission to openly violate Church teaching.

They’ve asked, “should we give the Blessed Sacrament to non-Catholics who reject the Magisterium?”

In practice, the Holy Father tells them the authority of the Chair of Peter and the CDF no longer exists and therefore they have no resources put answers they already know in writing - but they can do something schismatic if they take a unanimous vote.

The Head of Christ's Church is the means through which the Holy Spirit unites us to the Truth. When a pope (bishop or priest) severs us from unity in the Truth, it's an act of decapitation to the Body of Christ.

The Holy Father's synod with another act of decapitation. These same bishops took their swords and decapitated the Magisterium. In turn, diocese, parishes, families were severed and scattered.

Cardinal Burke has been attempting to return Christ's Mystical Body to its intact state.

As we are trying to patch the pieces, they've delivered another blow with the sword.

It'ss bad as it gets.


TLM said...

It is in my simple Catholic layman understanding, as bad as it can get. The only way it can get worse, and I am wondering if in the future it's coming, is if they neuter the Mass even further to do away with the 'Consecration' entirely so as to be 'inclusive' to our protestant 'brothers and sisters', and reduce it to a 'meal'?? If that happens, it won't really be a Mass at all. There have been rumors of this happening, but they have been really keeping it close to the vest recently in Rome. That's when all hell will absolutely break loose.

By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, DELIVER US FROM EVIL. Please Mother, CRUSH HIS EVIL, ROTTEN, UGLY HEAD!!!

Catholic Mission said...

Theologically Cardinal Ladaria supports Cardinal Marx : Holy Communion for Protestants

Why do you say heretical German bishops when they are using the same New Theology of the SSPX and the liberals to change doctrine ?
Catholics cannot still interpret Vatican Council II without the New Theology. So the problem will continue. The doctrinal confusion will continue in favour of the liberals.

On March 1,2018 Cardinal Luiz Ladaria said at the Placuit Deo Press Conference that Lumen Gentium 8 was an exception to the past exlusivist ecclesiology of the Catholic Church. So this means that there are known cases of non Catholics saved outside the Church for him, with elements of sanctification and truth(LG 8). So with the exclusivist ecclesiology put away with this irrational reasoning and not one objecting, there is no more any theological basis for an ecumenism of return.
We have the New Ecumenism based on objective exceptions to EENS and the past ecumenism and this has been accepted by even the traditionalists and conservative Catholics.
So this is in favour of Cardinal Marx.
Since there is known salvation outside the Church for the CDF and the traditionalists so then there can be inter faith marriages and the Eucharist can be given to Protestants and Orthodox Christians.
Cardinal Kasper has said the same. He has said that the old ecclesiology of the Church has been changed and so the divorced and remarried can be given the Eucharist and of course Protestants do not have to convert.
Pope Francis has also said that Protestants are redeemed.
No one has corrected his false theology and said that there are no known cases of salvation outside the Church for us human beings.
Hypothetical cases mentioned in Vatican Council II are not objective exceptions to Feeneyite EENS, The Magisterium has made an objective mistake.
So the old ecclesiology is intact for me and Protestants must not be given the Eucharist at Mass and marriages to Protestants who do not convert into the Church, would still be adultery.
When will someone announce this?
-Lionel Andrades

Anonymous said...

What of any value is left to be said except for Lord, have mercy?


Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Carol. More hocus pocus in this orchestrated question by the German hierarchy. My conclusion is that Pope Francis wants a schism but doesn't want to be one that causes it. But he would be fine with Germany doing it on their own.

We have been on a slow de facto schism since Vatican II when a few, most European Cardinals and theologians, subverted the council with a Modernist agenda. Now most Catholics are really Protestants in beliefs and actions. Giving Communion to Protestants would be seen as a fine idea by most of the laity.