Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Pope Finally Concedes Only Catholics Can Receive the Blessed Sacrament

This doozy of an article sheds light on the impression Pope Francis has created that he is 'making decisions' about overturning and overruling infallible Church teaching and Scripture.

A pope has no such authority. When the Romans pretend they do, it feels like they are summoning the luminaries in the episcopal see to figure out if water is still wet. It's a devious charade.

Last month, the Holy Father told the German Bishops that Church teaching is authored by or overruled with unanimous votes on an episcopal level. By restating Church teaching, the article duly notes "The decision indicates that the Pope...recognizes doctrinal impediments to such decentralization".

No, it isn't 'decentralization', it's called a counterfeit church. It's Pilate standing washing his hands of Christ's Blood while asking 'what is truth' when he is staring It right in the Face.

Dutch Cardinal Eijk, said it best when he called the attempted decapitation of Christ's Mystical Body 'incomprehensible' and said the pope should have given the Germans clear directives based upon clear doctrine and the practice of the Church.

Of course.

While its delightful the Holy Father has put an end to this charade, brace yourself: Archbishop Ladaria has disclosed that the Romans have been told to prepare a 'clarification' on Church Law relevant to "Communion for Protestants".

Other than 'clarifying' Protestants may never receive Communion unless its a death-bed conversion to Catholicism, there is really nothing to say.

My gut instincts are, they are going to produce a wordy, clear-as-mud document that will screw up Church teaching to a fare-the-well. The modus operandi of this papacy.

One thing we have going in our favor, it appears Archbishop Ladaria is a practicing Catholic:

Finally, he said the question of Communion is a matter of Church law and cited Canon 844 of the Code of Canon Law, which deals with access to the sacraments of the Catholic Church.

It will be interesting to see if screwball footnotes get added before publication!


TLM said...

I read that the Pope's original letter said that this 'initiative' was not yet "ripe" for the Universal Church. Get that?? 'not yet ripe'? In other words: "Hold your horses, we are not quite there YET". Don't think by any stretch of the imagination that we are home clear with this anti Church modernization plan of theirs. Gone are the days that we should buy into this 'Pope's' indications that he is actually upholding Church teaching for the good of the Church! It's a slight of hand. And yes, it does 'seem as though' Ladaria is a practicing Catholic, but I've learned to 'trust but verify' all things 'Francis Vatican' so time will tell. If he actually IS, I wonder how long he will last in Francis Land?

Michael Dowd said...

Nothing new here. Pope Francis has engaged in strategic withdrawal awaiting another day to launch his latest heresy of Communion for Protestants. I'm happy that Protestants are also protesting this move as they see it as a way to steal their communicants.

susan said...

I think your analysis on this is lacking; the takeaway money quote on the whole issue is this:

"The Holy Father therefore has come to the conclusion that this document is not RIPE for publication."

bergoglio wants it, but he's seen the results of the trial balloon and wants it to ripen a bit more. It's coming. But it's not the main event.

I know you're not fond of this guy, but he gets the analysis right here....hold your nose and read it when you have a minute.

The only thing I would add to it is the following at the end of the very last sentence...

"whose main sacraments will be sodomy and abortion."

This is bergoglio's (and his capos') golden ring and end game. Open your eyes Carol...this has been in the works for a long time now, and we've been heating up in the water. We are now at the boiling point. These 'men' are flat-out evil.

susan said...

ooops....forgot to include these as yet more illustration of my last sentence.
these. men. are. EVIL. And 'Peter the Roman' will be 100x smarter than Jorge, and 1000x more malevolent.