Saturday, June 9, 2018

The malicious hostage situation with Archbishop Sheen's Corpse has ended.

As you are all aware, the Archdiocese of NY Lavender Mafioso has been gumming up Archbishop Sheen's Canonization by holding his corpse hostage.

The Appellate Court has ordered the shanghaiers to release Archbishop Sheen's corpse.

In today’s decision, Judge Bluth found that “everyone at the hearing testified that Archbishop Sheen, a devout Catholic, would definitely want to be named a saint because it would help him continue to serve man and God and Catholics all around the globe for generations and generations.”

Weighing testimony from both sides, Judge Bluth determined, “It follows that Archbishop Sheen would care much less about the location of his earthly remains than his ability, as a saint, to continue to serve man and God on a grand scale after his earthly demise.”

Cringeworthy they have to be taken to the shed by a civil judge on something everyone knows they already know.

Their malice, of course, is predicated upon the guilt they feel when they hear Church teaching being taught with zeal and clarity.

The same reason they've been holding moral theology hostage for 50 years.

Poor Bishop Sheen! They gave him a run for his money when he was alive and their contempt is still percolating 30 years later.

That is some grudge.

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Anonymous said...

You are correct about the Archdiocese of NY Lavender Mafioso....with the present Archbishop of NY, Timothy Dolan in charge. He was protective of the Lavender crowd in St. Louis, his home and especially in Milwaukee. He is a total fraud.