Saturday, December 20, 2008

The dog and pony show of the Archdiocese of Boston

Catholic World News gives an adequate summary of the spineless and corrupt shepherds in the Archdiocese of Boston.

It's an old story.

Archbishop O'Malley ordered Catholics to hand out abortifacients several years ago. Planned Parenthood is just catching up with the two who are defying the order or Arcbishop O'Malley and his proabort cronie Bryan Hehir whom he brought in years ago to fortify the "give canned goods to the poor and shuffle them into abortions machine.

In fact, attorney general Tom O'Reilly who illicitly and illegally used his bully pulpit to attempt to force Catholics to provide abortifacients, by opining they had no legal protections against such, Archbishop O'Malley HIRED at Caritas Christi to oversee the destruction of life gets enforced at Catholic Hospitals - and of course to thank him for making Planned Parenthood safe sex program part and parcel of religious education as the cure for pedophile priests.

While the diocese claims to be catching pedophiles, they've not informed a single soul in the pews of the identity of the pedophiles raping children in your communities. The same secrecy and silence that faciliated priests raping children is now facilitating lay people to rape your children. The same old Good Old Boys Network with a new shtick.

What a comfort it is for the employees at the "pastoral center" to know the kindergartners have a template for discerning what is pleasurable when you rub it and how important it is to wear a condom when things escalte and when that fails, go to St. Elizabeth's to get the morning after pill.

Bullet points at CWN:

This Globe story exposes layer upon layer of the corruption that infects what was once a solidly Catholic community in Boston. Consider:

  1. Massachusetts law does indeed require hospitals to dispense the "morning-after" pill to rape victims. The law passed through the legislature without serious opposition, despite the fact that a majority of lawmakers identify themselves as Catholics.
  2. The Caritas Christi hospitals are complying with the law, despite the fact that the "morning-after" pill causes abortions. Last week's new Vatican instruction on bioethics confirmed that the use of this pill is "gravely immoral."
  3. When two Catholic-hospital employees said that they could not fulfill an immoral request, they quickly became the targets of a pro-abortion publicity campaign, abetted by the region's most powerful media outlet.
  4. Worse, their employers at a Catholic health-care institution, rather than applauding the employees for showing sound moral judgment, conceded that their answers had violated corporate policy. Emergency-room personnel who followed Catholic ethical principles were put on notice that their Church-owned employer would not support them.
But oh, how Archbishop O'Malley loves to march in the prolife parades and give soundbytes to the press about how concerned he is about the sanctity of life. All a show in the public square to jockey himself in a favorable light in case the Vatican reads the soundbyte.

These are the days, aren't they?

Corruption and deception never had it so good.


Anonymous said...

Carol...We miss you here in Geneva, IL. Our St. Peters Parish is in debt up to it's eyeballs. 99.9% of the parish wants Fr. Jarmoluk ousted, but, like our esteemed governor, he's digging in determined to take the parish down with him.

The "Group of 14" has caused the parish to fall of the tracks. No parish/pastoral council in years...the entire parish is floundering. The mayor of Geneva is stronger than ever.

All in all it's been a victory for those who dare stand up to the almighty bishops/cardinals. It was fun beating up on you...we miss you!!

Anonymous said...

And, if you're interested in the truth about the sexual abuse crisis of our parish, you or your readers may want to check out:

It's a great site...not quite as one sided as the one you used to post on. And, unlike that old site that you were a guest on some many times, actually puts the victims of clergy abuse in the forefront.

Carol McKinley said...


I hope my absence hasn't caused you to abuse your wife and children.

You're not any closer to catching perverts and even the craven bishops/cardinals are standing up to protect the catechism but if it makes you feel better at night to think the things you think, you go.

Lynne said...

Carol, I was truly embarrassed for Cardinal Sean when *so* many of the other cardinals and bishops made heroic pro-life speeches/statements over the past few months and all he could come up with was Trig Palin's cow-lick...


Anonymous said...

I just find it mildly amusing how you turned tail and ran right before our parish's victims received $2,000,000 dollars from the diocese that you, for months, seemed to think never occurred.

I hope YOU sleep well at night knowing that your incessant protection and coddling of perverted priests is only enabling more innocent children to be victimized.

Face it, the Catholic Church has become a breeding ground for social/sexual misfits who hide behind their white collar and hire the likes of you and your ilk to protect them. And most Bishops/Cardinals fall into this category.

Right in your own backyard you have the perverted Cardinal Law now sitting at the right hand of the Pope. That should be proof enough as to how clueless the church still is to this problem.

Carol McKinley said...

My Dear Anonymous,

Unfortunately, you have become a victim to your obsessive and delusional thoughts that Christ's One, Holy, Apostolic Church is actually a hierarchical scheme to breed perverts in seminaries.

This is more of a tragedy that than the rapes themselves because the devil is raping your mind and stealing your soul. Remember what Christ said? Don't be frightened by those who can injure your body - be frightened by those who can injure your soul.

I never said that rape in your parish didn't take place - the priest admitted it. I participated because you and your cronies were concocted some kind of crazy scheme to blame the pastor and everyone else for "knowing" while in truth you were protecting the people who actually knew and kept it a secret - the two teachers (whom I believe are still teaching in Catholic Schools) and the parents who sat in the same living room while the priest and the girl were snuggling and he was putting his hand down her pants.

You take facts and twist them and protect people who know about abuse and you victimize innocent people because you abhor the structure and edicts of the Church Christ handed down and you want to destroy it. You actually are delusional enough to believe that whatever havoc you are creating in your own parish is some kind of victory. Your delusion apparently has kept you from recognizing that you have driven the formerly useless and liberal Conference of Bishops to be much more active in the public square about the precepts of the Church.

Carol McKinley said...

My departure was precipitated by my observation of conduct of the character who was running defense for the Monsignor. Namely, he had all kinds of aliases and was taking on all kinds of personas and would not divulge his identity when I wanted to introduce him to high powered people in Washington. Further, his conduct at combating the abuse you and your colleagues were inflicting, became equally abusive.

Christ's Church is a Sacramental gift, the price of my salvation was a Bloody and ruthless Execution of my Savior.

Exaggerate, if you must, a couple of handfuls of perverts to build an arsenal and fire at Christ's Church as your life's mission.

As for me and my house, the insane, corrupt, craven and narcissists inside and those like you and you colleagues neither keep me from a wink of sleep or the precious Sacraments and Deposit of Faith of Christ's Church.

Best of luck navigating through your own defecation.

Carol McKinley said...


Me too.

The man is about throwing sound bytes into the stratosphere as he builds his empire about money. He knows his priests are misguiding and cares nothing about their salvation. Nor, does he care about the children and families being spiritually misled. He lacks the backbone to do what is necessary and take the consequences.

What amazes me is they actually believe their own prayer life and worship will save them. They are completely ignorant they are as responsible for leaving their flocks in the hands of priests who lie to us as we would be responsible for knowingly hiring an arsonist as a babysitter while we fortified our bank roll and coming home to find our houses and our children in ashes.

A pathetic thing to watch.

Anonymous said...

Well Carol, I'll give you credit for at least knowing when to exit stage right. Anyone with working brain cell knew from day one that there was never any 'documentary' being produced and that the entire 'Rocky' persona and his bizarre cast-of-characters was some loser sitting in his PJ's playing on his computer. All of this, of course, with the pastor's full knowledge and agreement.

If you were duped, I feel badly for you.

But if you consider yourself a righteous person, then why did you simply run away?? The pastor, as demented as he is, has knowingly allowed himself to be part of a perverted website operated by one or two miscreants, as you finally realized, and your response is to just run away?? Leaving our parish far worse off than it ever was??

As far as the current pastor's involvent...the $2,000,000 settlement was a direct result of the current pastor's actions in trying sweep the abuse under the rug. The Bishop and Pastor have dirty hands in this and the settlement (a recored for this diocese) was reached to avoid having the dirty laundry of the Bishop and Pastor exposed in open court.

You seem like a fairly bright person, but your strange position on this matter makes me wonder if you truly have 'drank the Kool-Aid' on the issue of priestly sexual abuse.

Other occupations have their share of sexual perverts. That's a given. But no institution, other than the Catholic Church, has a history of coddling, protecting and otherwise thwarting law enforcement the way the Church has over the past 50 years on this issue.

"Forsaken" was a figment of our pastor's warped imagination. "Deliver Us From Evil" is a real movie. It's available. Go to Blockbuster, rent it and watch it sometime. It's one of the scariest movies you will ever see, because it's real. No actors...just actual interviews of priests and cardinals.

And these are the people that we trust our children with. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

One final note...If you're still curious about the identity of the person behind this charade, go to "" and you will find plenty of information about the person pulling the strings behind the phony 'Forsaken' documentary.

With phone records and IP address searches, we figured out exactly who he is. We know who he is and where he lives and the local States Attorney's Office has been so advised.

You're right. He's a creep with a criminal record that runs for pages. He's been convicted of, in essence, being a con-man among other things. The only remaining question is how our pastor ever hooked up with this loser in the first place. much money he swindled by conning people into bank-rolling this phony documentary.

It makes you wonder about our pastor, doesn't it??

You may be gone, but this story is far from over from our perspective.

But I guess you're not interested in exposing a priest who aligned himself with a convicted felon to try and dupe parishioners into believing that a movie is being made about his life?

Oh I're in the business of PROTECTING AND DEFENDING such priests. My mistake...sorry.

Carol McKinley said...

Your accusations against anyone who crosses your path are highly delusional which of course, makes whatever small bytes of truth intertwined in your shtick skeptical. You do harm to any investigation.

Whatever lunatic the Monsignor grabbed onto to defend himself against your wild accusations and abuse, it seems as it has served the Lord. Whatever means Christ uses to hold onto a fortress, I certainly shall not interfere with.

You seem to be ignorant that Christ sometimes rides into town on an ass. You are on the wrong side of the conflict. You are attacking an innocent man. Your mission has nothing at all to do with people being abused. You are simply using them as whores for your mission to attack Christ's Church to destroy.

The pedophile priest was in the hands of the law. The Monsignor was guilty of nothing. You protected the teachers who knew about the abuse and did not report it (though they are mandated reporters by law).

Your attack against the Monsignor was unjust and insane. Your truth compass has gone haywire.

Quite frankly, whatever the lunatic has done to protect him against you and your colleagues is the victory.

Carol McKinley said...

"Other occupations have their share of sexual perverts. That's a given. But no institution, other than the Catholic Church, has a history of coddling, protecting and otherwise thwarting law enforcement the way the Church has over the past 50 years on this issue."

By the way, I take issue with the above.

How duplicitous. The institution of "family" is who coddles, protects and otherwise thwarts law enforcement on the issue of perverts. Whether it's Uncle Herbie, grandpa, the soccer coach or the handful of priests who were engaging in this filth.

That's the way they did things back then and most are still doing it this way.

You play ignorant that the parents were the people who wanted to hush up the abuse.

They didn't call the police for a reason. Namely, they didn't want their child wearing the mask of a victim of abuse all their lives in the public square. Right or wrong - those were the choices made years ago.

Of course, it wouldn't be politically correct to attack the parents and you need victims for your rage - and hence your shtick.

Two things we can all take to the bank

1. Your shtick is consuming and devouring your mind and soul while the rest of us continue to partake of the Sacraments of Christ's Church.

2. The gates of hell will never prevail against Christ's Church.

The sorcerers who show up to do their jigs can momentarily captivate our attention. Your glory days are over.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...How sweet the Kool-Aid must taste.

Carol McKinley said...

oh - and one final thought...

Your comment about priests and bishops "whom we trust our kids with"

That is a looney sound byte.

You find a priest who is teaching the truth of Christ's Church and you sit in the pews with them, then you load them in your car and stop for breakfast on Sunday. You point your children to the Pope and the several Bishops who speak and teach the truth.

Your children are in more danger at school than they are at Church. In fact, the teachers are the cretins in your very own story.

Carol McKinley said...

I only know the taste of the Blood of my Lord. Nothing on this earth is fit to compare.

Carol McKinley said...

Off to Advent festivities!

Happy and Holy day.

Anonymous said...

If you believe that our pastor's reaching out to a convicted con-man is in some strange way 'serving the Lord', then you are wackier than I ever imagined.

Thanks to our pastor's feeble attempt to con our parish into believing that the almighty "Rocky" was going to lead us into the promised land, our parish is now in shambles.

That is unless you believe that the Geneva Police Dept., the local States Attorney's Office, our pastor's hand-picked pastoral council, the local judges who consistently ruled against our pastor's ridiculous motions to delay his deposition all were in this vast conspiracy to frame an innocent pastor.

Yeah..right...and OJ is innocent.

The truth, my dear, is in Fr. Joe's SEALED deposition that he adamantly refuses to unseal. One can only speculate the ghastly tales that are lurking within that deposition.

Do you really think that it's a coincidence that less than one week after Fr. Joe sat for his deposition (that he fought tooth and nail to avoid having to sit for) that the diocese handed out $2,000,000 to the victims?? Fr. Joe isn't the brightest, but he's not dumb enough to lie under oath. Once he told the truth in his deposition, any defense that the diocese may have had went right out the window.

Stay upon your wobbling soapbox as parishes continue to fall into bankruptcy due to the decades of lies and cover-ups about the perverts wearing white collars.

This 'lunatic', as you call him, aligned himself with our pastor and our parish is now in shambles. If it was the Lord's plan to expose our pastor for the phony that he is and to destroy our parish, then he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

Carol McKinley said...

Oh brother, you Illiniosian really have some deep-rooted conspiracy theories. Maybe Blago is involved in this cover up about who knew.

The DA and the parents and everyone involved in reading the deposition are covering up for the Monsignor instead of prosecuting him and outing him in the press. The defense attorneys for the victim conspired with the Church to cover up that the Monsignor knew.

You know who knew. The two teachers knew. They kept their mouths shut. You don't care about the children. You, in fact, brought in a pervert from SNAP to help accuse the Monsignor of covering up who knew what - and the pervert was caught in the park diddling himself in front of other children. That is on the documentary. No outrage from you just defense of the park diddler and defending the two teachers who knew and didn't tell.

Con man or no con man, I think the documentary idea was genius. They have caught you and the kooks stalking parishioners, threatening and creating unsafe environments to pray and worship.

God Bless and protect that Monsignor and his flock.

Most Precious Lord Jesus…
Gentle And Wonderful God…
Truly Awesome And Ever-present Holy Spirit…
Bring your holy angels down and surround Monsignor Jarmoluk with your love to protect him against the evil seeking to attack his parish body.
Bring your holy angels down and surround him with your love to protect him against the evil seeking to attack his heart.
Bring your holy angels down and surround him with your love to protect him against the evil seeking to attack his mind.
Bring your holy angels down and surround him with your love to protect him against the evil seeking to attack his family.
Bring your holy angels down and surround him with your love to protect him against his weaknesses.
Bring your holy angels down and surround him with your love to protect him against his doubts, questions, and misgivings.
All these things I humbly pray in the name of my most Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, my Mighty God, and my Ever-present Holy Spirit upon whom I can rely.

Anonymous said...

Pray to the heavens until you're blue in the face.

The pompous pastor of our parish is going to need more than that to save his hide. His days are numbered here and he knows it.

And 99.9% of the parish will then breath a huge sigh of relief.

And one more thing before I move on...something you're undoubtedly unaware of.

Before this crisis hit our parish, those of us who are pro-life (I being one of them) pressed our pastor for years to allow the parish to take a much more active pro-life stance. We were re-buffed each and every time by the esteemd pastor that you idolize. His official position was "I'm not going to allow anything to go on at my parish that WILL OFFEND THOSE PARISHIONERS WHO HAVE UNDERGONE AN ABORTION" (emphasis added)

We all suspected our pastor was one of those liberal, cafeteria Catholics who realized that our community is a liberal one made up of wealthy parishioners who are pro-choice. He knew that by offending them, he was placing the financial well-being of the Church ahead of the rights of the un-born.

Oh well, I guess you'll just chalk that one up to him doing what needed to be done to raise money for the parish. To hell with the un-born...if the we need a new building on parish, the rights of the un-born be damned!!

That's a true can believe it or not.

After the crisis, he had to transform himself into a more conservative pastor, since the only ones standing by him were of that ilk.

If anything good came out of this scandal, that would be it. Our parish, for the first time in our pastor's tenure, is now allowed to actively take a pro-life position.

It's a small step in the right direction, but we'll take it.

The biggest mistake you consistently make is to presume that we are somehow officially alligned with VOTF and SNAP and other similar groups. We welcome their support for the victims of abuse, but that's it.

Again, you can believe that or not. I don't care. I despise VOTF's positions on most things as much as you do, but that is apples and oranges when it comes to our position on Fr. Joe.

Carol McKinley said...

Idolize the monsignor?


He and the con man stiffed me with a 600 phone bill they said they would pay for!

You really do crack me up. Whatever he did and whatever he is or was had nothing to do with the facts that you are guilty of libel and slander and abuse of your fellow parishioners and Christ's Church.

Your attitude alone towards prayer, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which you disrupt, and the Church itself would be enough to know whether you are a conduit for truth.

I submit to you again that you know that those two teachers knew that child was being abused and did not report it. They have admitted doing so. Yet YOU carry on about what you think the monsignor knew while giving the guilty teachers your support. Those two teachers are in a position today to cover up abuse.

When the two dillies finally told the monsignor, he was the one who called the police!

I don't make the claim you are involved in SNAP. I said you brought them in to scream accusations that the monsignor "knew" to take the heat off the two guilty teachers so they could slip away - and one of the people YOU brought in was caught diddling himself in front of children in a park.

These are your heroes - a pervert diddler and two teachers who knew a child was being abused and did not report them. Doesn't pass the sniff test.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I don't want to carry this on forever, but just toe be clear on exactly where we're coming from:

First off, the monsignor DID NOT, repeat, DID NOT contact the police. You can verify that, as we have, with the Geneva police Department. Despite the garbage that "Rocky" spits out about this that's a simple fact that can easily be verified, if you care to do so. We have. Fr. Joe and the parish principal were, and are, mandated reporters. They failed to report. Fr. Joe's attorney has claimed from day one that Fr. Joe 'reported' to the Diocese immediately. That's a nice gesture, but the law requires that a mandated reporter must report to the police or DCFS. Fr. Joe did neither...despite what you have been told by "Rocky", aka the convicted con-man. And Fr. Joe's own attorney admits as much.

What's scary is that Fr. Joe still seems to believe that reporting to the Bishop fulfills his mandated reporting requirements. It does not, and I hope he doesn't make that same mistake again.

Second, I've never claimed that the teachers and/or the parents acted in a perfect manner in this sordid tale. Both teachers have admitted as much.

Here's the key!! They have admitted their share of responsibility in this and have moved on with their lives. The one teacher that Fr. Joe kept on his staff (and around kids) for TWO YEARS AFTER HE KNEW SHE WAS SETTING UP 'DATES' WITH CAMPOBELLO is no longer teaching. Nor should she be.

But the esteemed Fr. Joe had no problem keeping her employed around children for TWO YEARS after learning of her involvement in this scheme.

It's clear that was the genesis of the $2,000,000 settlement. There's no way that the diocese could walk into a courtroom and explain Fr. Joe's refusal to fire her on the spot after learning that set up 'dates' with the priest and one of the victims. If he did fire her 'on the spot', the entire sordid affair would have become public in 2002 and that would have interfered with a major parish fundraising effort that was underway.

Fr. Joe chose to buy the teacher's silence by keeping her employed. That's indisputable and, again, why the diocese settled this case for a record-breaking sum.

All we ever wanted , and still want, is for Fr. Joe to come down from his throne and admit that he wasn't perfect either. He, of course, did as much in his deposition, but refuses to release it.

He needs to accept his share, not all, but his share of the blame. That's not too much to ask of a man of the cloth.

I hope that someday you will withdraw your fangs and allow yourself to become educated as to what really happened here. Again, unlike your posts, I wish you no ill-will. I don't claim to know what's in your soul. No mortal has the power to know that. Not even you.

ASgain, from reading your other blog topics I'd say that I agree with 90% of what you say...from a political point of view.

I truly believe that you had good intentions of helping our pastor. The problem is that our pastor, like his friend, aks "Rocky", is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Both have duped a lot of our parishioners.

You fell for his sob story and were duped yourself. Stay tuned. The final chapter of this tale is yet to come. I truly hope, for your sake, that you aren't aligned too close to our pastor when the final act is played out.

You do not want to hitch your wagon to this guy.

Carol McKinley said...

"I hope that someday you will withdraw your fangs and allow yourself to become educated as to what really happened here. Again, unlike your posts, I wish you no ill-will. I don't claim to know what's in your soul. No mortal has the power to know that. Not even you."

I love the drama, but...Don't you think that is just a bit disingenuous? You've spent several years making judgments on Rocky and the Monsignor, etc.

We can make judgments on facts and good faith and call good, good and evil, evil. That's what it's all about.

Your whole shtick is about presuming to know the Monsignor committed evil and needs to apologize to you. (In spite of the fact that you brought in a pervert yourself)

You wish me no ill? LOL. You started off your posts speaking about how you missed beating up on me. Why, your virtues ring clear to "the likes of me and my ilk" whom you accuse of having a mission to protect sex perverts.

Since you accuse me of doing it, unjustly, why wouldn't I come to the obvious conclusion that you are also accusing the Monsignor unjustly?

I have no such history, you do. You protected the two teachers and the park diddler.

You are acting as if I took the word of the con man without the paper trail behind it. I sifted through many pages of police reports and other evidence of record. I never once came across anything that accused the teacher of pimping the young woman to the priest. If you have such evidence, please produce it. I am most interested in reviewing it. I've never seen any such accusations in the news reports either. If you have any news stories saying that, please link it. That the police let her get away with such a thing is amazing! What you say are the facts are completely missing from the records I saw and any news reports. Again, unless there is something I missed, I'm happy to review it now.

I find it impossible to believe that the district attorney would let Jarmoluk off the hook if he is guilty of what you say. Because I never saw any evidence in the paper trail or in news stories, I concluded this is conjecture on your part. I am happy to be proved wrong. Send me the goods. Other than seeing it for my own eyes, I shall continue to conclude this is all conjecture on your part. The woman got the 2 million because she was exploited and abused.

I am hardly "hitching my wagon" to the monsignor. I do believe he was acting in earnest, and innocent of your accusations in spite of the con man (who was explosive and volatile and acted like a sociopath). Many an innocent priest has been tormented and taken down by actions like yours.
Again, if you have evidence I didn't see, produce it.

Anonymous said...

It's true that Jarmoluk, nor the teachers, were prosecuted for 'failing to report'. All three could have been, but weren't. I don't know of a single case anywhere in the US where people have actually been prosecuted for such a thing. Maybe you do. The local prosecuting attorney made that call and it's his call to make. This is a small county and he doesn't have unlimited resources. He was focused on the big fish, Campobello.

Just because someone's not prosecuted for something doesn't mean the evidence isn't there to prosecute. It usually comes down to judicial economy and allocation of prosecutive resources. If that decision boggles your mind, please contact the Kane County States Attorneys Office. Bill your call to Fr. Joe. Sounds like he owes you at least that much.

In any case, I never called for Jarmoluk to be prosecuted, only that he be man enough to accept his share of the blame. I'd like to believe that the Bishop was calling the shots at that point and ordered Jarmoluk to not go to the police with the girls' allegations. God knows that's been the M/O of the Catholic Church for decades.

Fr. Joe did what all priests are trained to do...he tried to keep the investigation in-house within the Diocese before bringing in the police. Again, that's a very common tactic within the Church on such cases. Such a tactic makes it almost impossible for the police to get a clear picture of what happened because all the witneses have already been 'interviwed' by the diocese attorneys and have had a chance to 'get their stories straight' before the police detectives have a chance to do their job. It taints the investigation and makes finding the truth that much harder.

And if you're not aware of the teacher(first name is Allison) being involved in setting up meetings between the victim and Campobello, both sites (CTL and have oodles of information on that topic. I'm not going to re-hash that here or I'd be typing all night. Trust me, it's a fact that both sides agree on. The only dispute is to why Allison was allowed to remain around kids for two years AFTER Fr. Joe knew of her 'pimping', to use your term.

Fr. Joe claims he was ordered to keep her employed by order of the diocese. That's never been clarified, but either Fr. Joe kept her on his own, or the Bishop ordered him to keep her. Either way, the end result of that lapse in judgement by either of those two was a factor in the $2,000,000 settlement. One of the two (Bishop or Pastor) screwed up big time by keeping Allison around children.

As to why she wasn't prosecuted, again that was a decision made by the prosecutor. Everyone agrees that Allison was a confused woman who made a horrible mistake with one of her students. From what I can tell, she thought she was acting as 'friend' to her student, rather than acting as a professional teacher. I've spoken with her...she's admitted her mistake publically. If you missed it, I don't know what to say. It's public knowledge and the facts of that subject are not in dispute.

If you really want to resolve the issue of Fr. Joe's culpability in this issue once and for all, join me in seeking the release of his deposition transcript.

That's where the answers to this quandry lie. We can go back and forth for weeks, but I offer to you that days after Fr. Joe's depostion was taken, the diocese wrote a $2,000,000 check so fast that it would make your head spin.

Coincidence?? My life experiences say no. Until the transcript is released, I have to fall back on the old saying..."If you have nothing to hide, then show us what you have"

Anonymous said...

One final note tonight. You claim the 'con-man' was volatile and acting like a sociopath. I've never met this person, but I take your word that he is all you describe him as.

Putting aside everything that's been written about this matter, don't you feel the least bit uncomfortable with ANY Monsignor CHOOSING to align himself with such a demented person to tell his version of the events?

I mean if Fr. Joe has truth on his side and has noting to conceal, why hire a sociopath to try and con the parishioners of your own parish??

And, that being said, I can assure you that the average person in Geneva has no idea that such a con-man exists. You are on of te very few 'outsiders' that seems to have had actual dealings with him. We know who he is, but have never met or spoken to him. Some loyal Fr. Joe supporters STILL believe that Rocky is who he purports to be.

You seem to know otherwise. By not sharing this information (about your personal dealings with this guy) are you not perpetrating the fraud that is still being carried out? (Albiet on a much smaller scale, since there are now only about 3-4 postings a month on the CTL site from Rocky's phony aliases)

Whatever Fr. Joe's involvement is with regards to to sexual abuse cover-up, I think it's fair to say that you are very aware of the fraud he has perpetrated upon his own parish. I happen to know several Fr, Joe supporters who SWEAR by Rocky. They think he's actually in New York siting in a fancy studio. They think he's going to produce this fancy documentary any day now.

I chuckle when I hear such nonsense...but I do feel sorry for these poor souls who are being fooled by Rocky and our pastor.

We've known all along that CTL is made up of a couple of hired film guys with fancy video-cams who in 2006 were traversing around Geneva conning people into believing that they were a legitimate production crew. We've seen their 'fancy' New York's a Postal Express PO Box location that anyone can open for about $50.00 a year.

We figured them out long ago, and now the only ones being conned sre the few Fr. Joe supporters who cling to "The Big Rock" as if he were Walter Cronkite.

What a shame that you've known otherwise for over a year have allowed this charade to continue.

CTL isn't hurting us any, it's hurting the few supporters of Fr. Joe that believe in his every word. The con's on them.

And, of course, it's only going to add to our parish's shame when everyone finally realizes how their pastor participated in this con.

Why would any man of the cloth stoop to such a pathetic level if he had truth on his side??

Why would you, seemingly a woman of integrity, not report on what you know about this 'sociopathic, con-man' (to use your own description) to the authorities if for no other reason than to salvage the good name of our parish and to protect the believers in "Rocky" from being further scammed??

Have a good-night.

Anonymous said...

You claim, in your last post, that I'm guilty of "making judgements on Rocky"

Hello?? Earth to Carol....And exactly what 'judgements' that we've cooncluded about Rocky do you find offensive?

That he's a ficticious cartoon character who's afraid to reveal his true name? That he sits in his basement playing on the computer making up phony aliases to try and con members of our parish that CTL is something it's not? That he's a CONVICTED FELON with a rap sheet a mile long?

My God, can you at least acknowldge that our efforts to expose Rocky as a fraud were right on??

He's a snake...pure and simple. As it appears you've found out.

Carol McKinley said...

Somehow, I am failing to get my point across to you.

"Whatever Fr. Joe's involvement is with regards to to sexual abuse cover-up,..."

You don't realize the depth of absurdity of your accusations, which, by your own admission, are pure conjecture.

You are accusing the Monsignor of knowingly that young girl was being pimped by the teacher. This is some kind of idea in your head that has consumed you - based on nothing but an idea and the fact the diocese gave the young victim 2 million dollars. Let me tell you something. 2 million, schmillion. Have you ever heard of "gregory ford" case here in Boston? They got 2 million also. The young man started out accusing his cousins of sexually abusing him. He subsequently accused his own father of sexually abusing him. He went on to accuse one of our most infamous pervert in Boston in a story that even the district attorney here did not believe and believe me when I tell you, she was out for blood. The story was coccyamamme and filled with holes and lies. The young man obviously has mental problems, God bless him. The diocese gave him, can you guess? Two million dollars. Paul Shanley was a socipathic pedophile - there is no question. But, even the district attorney did not believe that he raped gregory ford.

You have spent years stalking this monsignor and you have no evidence whatsoever on the man. You have tortured and tormented your parish. The teachers who are guilty, you say said they were sorry and therefore they are free to move on with their life as far as you are concerned.

Carol McKinley said...

Do you understand that what you accuse him of, is as insane as saying that you knew the park diddler was a sexual criminal when you brought him to your parish?

It is a complete figment of your imagination and it has driven you to abuse people for all these years. You need to stop your obsession with it. There is no basis in facts. You are chasing this man at this point because it is about power to you - and embarrassment that really, the deposition must have NOTHING in it because otherwise the DA would have hauled his butt out of there.

Carol McKinley said...

I am not your enemy.

Let it go. Surrender it to Christ whose justice nobody will escape. Your mind is obsessed with it. It is unhealthy and not of God.

As for the con man, I never said that your conclusions about him were unjust. You accused me of making judgments between good and bad, right and wrong and said I would have no way of knowing, which of course is silly isn't it. My point was we can watch somebody's behavior and make a judgment about it and that judgment is righteous.

You ask me whether the Monsignor is guilty by association with this clown.

One thing I can tell you from living in Boston, every lunatic within a thousand miles is going to flock to the drama. Sometimes, one sneaks on board. As you found out for yourself with the park diddler. You had good intentions when you brought him in.

I think the Monsignor grabbed onto this thing in the beginning and did not know what he was really getting into. God knows that is what happened to me. Con men are con men. Just like you, he cannot find his way out of this escalated mess. You push, he shoves and the con man sucks in drama and fans the flames.

Carol McKinley said...

If I were you, I would send your documentation about the con man to the Bishop. Certified mail. I would send a certified copy to your diocesan attorneys. Keep the drama out. Keep your conjecture out about what you think Fr. Joe knew because they have the testimony and I think the chances your accusations are true are zero and you will lose your credibility in this issue. I would find out who is insuring the diocese and I would send them a certified copy.

Then, friend, I would let it go. If you keep this up, it will destroy you. You have a lot of energy, you want to contribute positively to this world. Find another project and start doing something positive for you, the Church and your family. In six months, the ten pound weight will lift off your chest and you will be a new person. Do not worry about what the con man says and does about you and to you. It is meaningless. It means nothing. It does not define you. He is a kook.

The devil is in the details. Can't you feel him? He has having a good old time. Get away from him. Keep your soul in a state of grace, keep holy water on you, wear your rosary beads, say deliverance prayers for yourself and your home. Many a time I have had to do this to rid my playing field of forces. These things are real.

Carol McKinley said...

I'm happy to converse with you about this via email if you wish.

I want you to be happy and healthy and free of this madness.


Anonymous said...

While I appreciate your offer to exchange e-mails, I'd rather not. It's not that important to me to keep this up.

Thanks to CTL, any credibility our esteemed pastor once had in our community is now a distant memory. CTL did more damage to Fr. Joe's reputation than he caould have possibly imagined.

I just want to say, you are a master of avoiding the real issues that I've raised.

Let's be clear on a couple of issues that you don't seem willing or able to grasp.

1. I never accused Fr. Joe of being part of the sexual abuse scandal itself. He may have known about it, he may not have.. I don't know. But what IS indisputable is that he learned of Allison's 'pimping' in 2002, yet he allowed her to remain as a teacher's aide in his own parish until 2004. He admits as much!! He blames the Diocese for this incredible lapse in judgement, but he certainly didn't fight keeping a teacher on his staff whom he KNEW was implicit in the sexual abuse of a minor. He doesn't deny this...he just blames the Diocese. Is that his defense for keeping children at risk?? I'll let you decide.

2. Rocky was NOT just an interloper who accidentally intervened in this by himself. Rocky (Grice) or whatever name you know him by entered into a partnership with the pastor. A relationship that the pastor has still not recused himself from. How do i know this?? Because private written and telephonic correspondence between parishioners and Fr. Joe ended up in tha hands of Rocky and are still available for viewing on the CTL website.

This relationship may have served some useful purpose about 2 1/2 years ago when CTL was running around with their amateur(and pornographic director) film crew pretending to film their mockumentary, but the charade is long since been over. My guess is that based upon the criminal history of "Rocky's" true identity, that this scam went beyond just fun and games. My guess is that there's been a significant amount of money that's been scammed by this guy from a handful of Fr. Joe supporters to fund this goofy little mockumentary. That's exactly what he was convicted of years ago.

Not that I'm shedding any tears for anyone who was financially duped by Rocky, but isn't it time for Fr. Joe to call off the charade?? It was fun while it lasted, but I'm betting that there's some real victims of Rocky.

Trust me, if anyone from the parish files a fraud complaint against Rocky with the Geneva Police Dept., I'll be more than happy to provide them with your name as someone who had full knowledge of this scam, yet refused to intervene on behalf of our community. Willfull blindnes is not a virtue.

Don't be naive or insult my intelligence by claiming that about Fr. Joe was a 'victim' of the Big Rock. That's called enabling, Carol. Fr. Joe needs serious psychological help, not someone who enables his bizarre behavior.

3. Finally, you seem obsessed with the VOTF person who himself was a victim of priestly sexual abuse and then later got into trouble years ago in a park.

I guess as the fine, upstanding, forgiving Catholic that you purport to be, that you strangely seem to enjoy mocking this man by calling him the 'diddler'. How Catholic-like of you.

I'll just say this much. Unlike Rocky and Fr. Joe, at least this person isn't afraid to admit his past mistakes. His record is an open book and he's never tried to hide it. And, again, his mistakes are due, in no small part, to the abuse he suffered years ago at the hands of a priest.

The fact that he's devoting his life to helping other victims of clergy abuse doesn't register with you one iota. To you, he's just a pervert. I pray that your children or grandchildren never have to suffer such abuse by their 'trusted' priest the way he has. And if your children are ever abused in such a horrific manner and emd up contemplating suicide because of the shame they feel, or end up being confused about their sexual identity because of such abuse, I promise I'll pray for them and show them compassion. More compassion than you show this guy.

It's, evidentally, far too much to have any sympathy for him. It's much easier to mock and ridicule him. I guess, by your bizarre standards, anyone who's ever been convicted of a crime is no longer welcome into the Church. Once you make a mistake, you're out!

Again, that's so very Catholic of you.

Have a nice Christmas. I'm signing off. I have more important things to deal with in my life.

Don't worry, once the final chapter is written about CTL and Fr. Joe, I'm sure you'll be contacted. Like it or not, you were an active participant in a fraud. Playing dumb and feigning ignorance is not a defense. Especially since you've been fully aware of the CTL scam for years, yet still failed to report what you knew to the proper authorities.

You promised us once, on the CTL board, that you'd be coming to Geneva. You may still get that trip. Only this trip may get you some face time with our local authorities...under oath.

Enjoy the holidays!

Carol McKinley said...


One thing for certain, there are no flies on that super sleuth.

I sure hope the guy doing the documentary has his camera rolling when they come to take me away to the Big House for not knowing his name.

On one hand, she conjures up conspiracy theories about what people might have known or might not have known and spends five years abusing priests and parishioners - and on the other hand, she holds the pervert park diddler and two teachers who were pimping a high schooler to a pedophile priest in high esteem.

Because, you know, it's all about forgiveness.

Keep the victims of this delusion in your prayers!

Anonymous said...


Maybe it's not too late to request a pardon from George W.


I thought the best part was her wishing you a Merry Christmas at the end of her phantom of the opera theatrics.

Have a wonderful Christmas and many blessings in the New Year.

Cheryl Reynolds

Anonymous said...

I see you've had a visit from MaryLou. As a parishioner of St. Peter's, I can tell you that her summaries of the facts are as reliable as making a federal conspiracy out of your non-involvement here in Geneva.

As she has revealed here, she knew she was bringing an active pedophile into St. Peter's and has been an ardent supporter of the teacher who befriended the victim and knew of the sexual relationship.

Demanding apologies for things you didn't do, making grandiose threats and then giving a speech about compassion is vintage MaryLou.

On behalf of St. Peter's, please accept our apology.

Dee said...

Ah-huh. I get it. Mercy for the pedophile but no mercy for those who showed mercy to the teacher who was accused of nothing.

No, that's not right either.

SHE can be merciful to the teacher accused of nothing but the priest can show nobody mercy.

There. I have figured it out.

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy prosperous New Year.