Wednesday, June 24, 2009

American Life League Promises Investigation of Caritas Christi

When Cardinal O'Malley's abortion business gets rolling on July 1st, the American Life League is promising to keep the pressure on with an investigation.

American Life League executive director Shaun Kenney announced a new campaign to investigate whether young mothers will be referred for abortions by Caritas Christi, the Boston Archdiocese-affiliated healthcare provider, after its joint venture with CeltiCare goes into effect July 1.

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"Caritas Christi and the Archdiocese of Boston have given reassurances that no Catholic hospitals will make abortion referrals," stated Kenney. "After July 1, we will put that guarantee to the test."

Organizations such as Live Action Films and other pro-life organizations have successfully exposed unsafe and illegal healthcare practices at abortion facilities all over the United States. Such practices include covering up child rape, committing abortions on minors without the required parental consent or notification and intentionally altering legal forms in order to commit abortions.

If Archdiocese-affiliated Caritas Christi is indeed making referrals for -- or participating in -- activities incompatible with its Catholic identity, the financially-strapped healthcare system could set a dangerous new precedent for Catholic institutions around the country.

"American Life League and its associates will not be satisfied with a policy that provides degrees of separation between the mother and an abortion business," said Kenney. "Catholics within the Archdiocese of Boston should be told the truth."

Under Cardinal Sean O'Malley's leadership, Caritas Christi and the Archdiocese of Boston have been under intense scrutiny due to the abortion scandal that has rocked the Catholic and pro-life communities in Massachusetts and beyond over the past two months.

"Catholic hospitals have a worldwide reputation as places of mercy," said Kenney. "Abortion is no mercy. Our Catholic hospitals and institutions should be doing everything possible to safeguard our mothers and children from the horrors of abortion, not seeking new ways to turn a blind eye toward an ever-increasing social problem.

"This scandal will not go away quietly so long as mothers and their babies are threatened by abortion through a supposedly Catholic healthcare system," stated Kenney. "Either our Catholic hospitals live up to our Catholic identity and protect every human being -- born and preborn -- or we compromise our principles and turn a blind eye for the sake of state and federal funding. Mothers and their babies deserve much better, and we will do everything we can to ensure this is the case.

"American Life League and millions of pro-lifers continue to call on Cardinal Sean O'Malley to carefully review the agreement and stop Caritas Christi's closed-door deal with the Massachusetts CeltiCare program," said Kenney.

The investigation is slated to begin on July 1 and run throughout the remainder of 2009.

As for my part, I will begin three crusades - one will be a grassroots parish-to-parish (hand-to-hand) campaign to unravel the Cardinal's deliberate and willful dishonesty - another campaign to make case nationally and internationally, within our Church structures to demonstrate that having a dishonest Cardinal is proof positive that whatever has been said about the safety of children from pedophiles is unreliable - and a third campaign will hit them where it hurts, pressuring the people with the money to withhold donations.

It is critical to expose that the systemic flaw of circling to protect a Bishop even when he is guilty and lying about the hand he is playing in salacious crimes against children, is still very much in place in the Catholic Church. From the pews, across the Conference of Bishops and all the way up the ranks to the Vatican. We cannot rely upon honesty, diligence in reviewing allegations and acting upon them. The system does not exist.

Stay tuned.

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