Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Cardinal's Dishonorable Press Release

On June 10th, 2009,Cardinal O'Malley circulated a press release stating he believes that Caritas wants to be consistent with Catholic moral teaching and that Caritas and CeltiCare are in "active talks", "with a view to make acceptable modifications to their arrangement"

Caritas signed a contract that included providing abortions. Caritas has publicly stated on numerous occasions that they will provide abortions and family planning services. This was a requirement of being awarded the contract. Because the Cardinal and Caritas have promised to provide abortions, they have to hire somebody to carry out the abortions. The foregone conclusion then, is that the theology of the Catholic Church now includes an affirmation that Catholics may take out contracts to hire people to kill other people and be "completely consistent with the Catholic identity".

There is a glaring omission in the dishonorable joint statement that needs some transparency:

Mr. Ralph de la Torre states the following: "When a patient seeks such a procedure, Caritas healthcare professionals will be clear that (a) the hospital does not perform them and (b) the patient must turn to his or her insurance for further guidance."

When the patient "turns to his or her insurance company", they are "turning" to the "HMO" which the Cardinal and Caritas are co-owners, Celtic Care. Therefore, the Cardinal & Caritas are providing these services.

The Cardinal and Caritas must hire somebody to carry out the abortions and refer the women to the persons they have hired. The list of persons they have hired has been published on their joint venture website and includes many well-known abortionists and family-planning centers. These abortionists and family planning centers are direct business arrangements with the Cardinal, Caritas and Centene. It is their joint venture which was formed to carry out the contract that includes abortions.

With the exception of removing family planning, abortion, sterilization, embryonic stem cell research and other moral evils covered under the the HMO the Cardinal has an ownership interest in, there is no conceivable modification to the arrangement that could ever be in compliance with Catholic moral teaching.

The deceptions inherent in this Joint Statement are willful and deliberate and represent an unsafe environment for children, for Catholic healthcare workers and the poor - who unwittingly will be shuffled into moral evil for the sake of the infusion of cash from the Commonwealth.


Carol McKinley said...

What a public relations nightmare.

How could anyone believe this would help their credibility?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say about the tragic news. But do know what answer I'd give to the question: "What Ever Happened to the Great Catholics Who Would Let Themselves be Beheaded Before Giving Over Any Ground From the Church?" I'd reply, "They probably became post-Vatican-II-style ecumenists.