Tuesday, June 30, 2009

food for thought

Let's be clear about our remaining concerns.

We don't object that Catholic hospitals be providers to Blue Cross or Commonwealth Care patients.

The difference here is Blue Cross did not force Caritas to give them written assurances to provide abortions or find somebody to provide abortions and shuffle women to those abortionists. There is no signed contract in play between Caritas and Blue Cross with these stipulations.

We do not know whether Caritas, the Commonwealth and Celticare have agreed to carry out those stipulations in the new arrangement.

Are we free to practice medicine by offering patients alternatives to abortion and referrals to prolife apostolates?

In the course of this dust up, we found out our Catholic Hospitals are not practicing their faith in the execution of their medical practices as matters of general policy. This has to change.

If we are not bound to the stipulations of the original contract in this new arrangement between all the parties, then the Cardinal and Caritas need to disclose those details and give us the proof - along with the opinion of the National Catholic Bioethics Center.

Food for thought from prolifer John O'Gorman

Berlin 1941 – Boston 2009

Imagine a six hospital group affiliated with a German Catholic archdiocese offered, under a new health plan, government-subsidized train trips from smoky cities for resettlement in the East. The hospitals had a 49% share in this new 1941 health plan - with the blessing of the cardinal. Hospital staff will direct people to the train, and if necessary, provide transportation to the station – but will have no control over later treatments.

Citizens, concerned for the lives of the travelers, insisted the cardinal pull out of the agreement. He initially dismissed the complaints, but consulted his ethical advisers. After months of outcry the cardinal instructed the archdiocese to relinquish its 49% shareholding. The new health plan started up, and the six Catholic hospitals referred many people to it for resettlement in the East.

Is there anyone out there who hasn't yet figured out Cardinal O’Malley’s scheme with Caritas Christi/CeltiCare for abortion referral to three Planned Parenthood locations in Massachusetts?

Source: http://www.celticarehealthplan.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/familyplanninglist_05-21-09.pdf

Source: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-center/findCenter.asp

Yours Faithfully,

John O’Gorman

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Jerry B said...

All good points, John.

There's more to this than the abortion referrals, though. First, it was a crime for Caritas to vie for state funds because the state requires recipients to kill the poor with the money. What should the Cardinal's penance be for that?

Second, the Cardinal is still happy with Caritas' "participation" in the Connector, the state plan to murder the poor. He thereby consents to the plan, and shares in the sin, right?

Third, if Caritas still has some arrangement with CeltiCare which helps the latter remain viable, then it helps them to kill the poor.

Even the Jews wouldn't keep the 30 pieces of silver. Your Eminence, for your soul, and for the reputations of the good Catholics working at Caritas, give back the 30 pieces.