Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Statement from the Archdiocese on their Abortion Services

Tells CNA it is "under review".

As of Monday afternoon, benefit information at the Celticare site lists abortion services for $0, $50, $100 depending on the participant’s health plan. Another Celticare document listing “Family Planning and Reproductive Services Providers,” dated May 21, gives information on four Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Centene and Caritas Christi each said they would partner with providers to ensure access to all services required by the Massachusetts Connector Authority, including “confidential family planning services.”

In March, Caritas Christi said it would ensure that its participation would be “in accord with Catholic teaching.”

Archbishop of Boston Cardinal Se├ín P. O’Malley said Caritas Christi Health Care had assured him that it will not be “engaged in any procedures nor draw any benefits from any relationship which violate the Church’s moral teaching as found in the Ethical and Religious Directives.”

The Catholic Action League, a lay group critical of Caritas Christi, said the new information was “final and conclusive proof” that Caritas will be a participant in “state subsidized abortions.”

CAL Executive Director C. J. Doyle accused the Archdiocese of Boston of “cynically misleading” Catholics in the controversy and said Cardinal O’Malley should “apologize” for asserting that Caritas Christi will not promote abortions or direct any patients to providers of abortions.

CNA sought comment from the Archdiocese of Boston and was told the matter was “under review.”

Terrence Donolin, the Archdiocese’s Secretary for Communications and Public Affairs, referred CNA to previous stories, stating “At this juncture there is nothing new to report and no announcements have been made.”

One can only imagine what the Cardinal is doing when credible accusations of the rape of children come along. Sadly, even when the evidence is insurmountable that his own employees are engaging in moral evils, it is crystal clear that he will publicly undermine the credibility of the assertions and deny the prima facie evidence. He will attempt to use whatever agency is at his disposal to cover up the corruption.

Where is the report from the NCBC?

It has taken them three months to advise the Cardinal?

There is evidence here of the worst kind of corruption.

The conduct of Cardinal O'Malley is absolutely unacceptable.

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