Sunday, June 7, 2009


Boston's 300,000 toilet nearing completion.

I'm sorry, but I'm not edified, are you?

Who are these for?

What are the circumstances that if you can't make it between destinations that you don't mosey into one of the hundreds of hotels or restaurants to use the facilities?

Are we actually telling the "tourists" that they're welcome to our glorious city but if they've planned their powder room activities wrong, they're unwelcome to use one in a hotel or restaurant?

At first, I thought - well, maybe this is for the homeless people. I guess then, you could somewhat justify it. Homeless people's appearance doesn't allow them to blend in a hotel lobby and strut unnoticed to the facilities, ergo hotels and restaurants find ways to discourage them. But, getting 300 of them off the streets and into housing would have been a better use of the money if this was a social justice project. Further, the toilets are "coin operated". The homeless don't have money to eat, it would be downright cruel to charge them to use a powder room.

What an imprudent use of three-hundred grand.

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