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Caritas Christi Abortion Contract Followup

Below is an email I sent out (many blind copied without reference herein).

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Subject: Followup on Caritas Contract

Dear Anne,

After a little respite to re-energize the troops, I'm writing to follow-up on the Caritas situation and to see if we can get a response from you regarding your assertions that the Cardinal did the right thing and you always knew he would do the right thing.

I'm about to start round 2 - and before I do, I'm asking for some respectful feedback on what you think it is he actually did.

Right now, John Q Public believes the Cardinal withdrew from the contract with the Commonwealth to refer women seeking abortions to CeltiCare.

However, that doesn't appear to be what he did at all, does it?

Caritas signed a contract that gave assurances that they would either provide family planning and other services or contract with people to provide them and compel Catholic workers at Caritas to refer them to CelitCare. Caritas appointed NARAL to oversee compliance, if necessary, inside of examination rooms.

The fact that the Cardinal approved the creation of CeltiCare to carry out the abortions is the primary ehtical flaw for a variety of reasons that have already been discussed and don't need to be reiterated in this email. The secondary flaw of taking a 51% interest in the new abortion business and then reducing it to a 49% interest - was certainly the most eggregious exploitation of the poor, Catholic teaching and ethics, but, it is SECONDARY.

The current situation, on its face, appears to be that the Cardinal and the National Catholic Bioethics Center came to an agreement to go forward with all the contracts they made with the abortionists, Celticare and the Commonwealth - but somehow, without an ownership interest in Celticare.

Has the Cardinal provided to you information that confirms your convictions that he has done the "right thing"?

Nobody (including other Bishops and Cardinals) are able to get details out of the Cardinal about what it is he has approved. I think our Catholic prolife force deserves to know what the actual arrangement is. If the Cardinal has created more subterfuge, as I & others suspect he has, once again - I believe these kinds of falsehoods indicate an intentional dishonesty that makes the environment for children here in the diocese, an unsafe one. People who create subterfuge to cover up crimes and misdemeanors against children (killing them being the worst of crimes) is something we must oppose in unison in the public square. And, we must use all of the resources we have here in the United States and in Rome to correct. This is our duty.

The Cardinal has got to release the details of all the contracts and, he must release the "opinion" of the NCBC on the CURRENT arrangment.

I, personally, would like to know what you know. I know many others in our prolife trenches also want to know what information you have that gives you the confidence that the Cardinal has done "the right thing".

If you know nothing, if you have sought the information from the Cardinal and he has obsfucated (as he has with the rest of us), then it is your duty to release a public statement and inform Catholics in the Commonwealth of the situation.

We have tried informally to get the contracts from the Commonwealth. Pages are missing (including signature pages), references are made to corporations as the parties bound to the contract that do not exist in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Something stinks to high heavens.

The Cardinal tried to get Catholic periodicals to put out an "interview" with him that was carefully written that didn't answer any of the questions we have or reveal any of the details of the current contracts and arrangements. We vehemently opposed it and will continue to oppose it because we want our questions answered. The reason we want our questions answeredis because this has the potential to wipe out Catholic right to practice medicine without violating their faith and exploiting and doing harm to the souls who come across the thresholds our Catholic healthcare facilities.

We've got to ramp up public efforts to get this deal out into the open so that other diocese can be on their toes and reject it when it comes their way. The Cardinal has blown smoke up into their faces to confuse.

Anne, you can't be out there in the public square or under the radar working against us. We'd like to have some unity in our grassroots network. The Cardinal used MCFL as a tool to stall convictions of the people, give false hope and misinformation (as I believe he used the NCBC). I'm asking you not to let him do that again, in round 2.

Are you with us or against us?

Carol McKinley


Anonymous said...

An observation...
The Cardinal made it to the MCFL dinner the first year he was in Boston, hand shakes and photos galore. The year when Terry Schiavo's Sister and Mother came he did not attend. What was a higher priority? Who sets his schedule?

Anonymous said...

The deal is done, and the Church has pulled out of the contract. No longer ownership in the plan. You have to ask yourself about hipocracie here, and look into the practices of your physicians. Do you know that 8 out of 10 Caritas physicians not only prescribe, but hand out samples of "Birth Control" medicated devices. Where is this allowed in your teachings? Do you know that insertion of an IUD, is as bad as performing an abortion. "Human Life Begins at Conception" A statement that I wholeheartledly believe, however I am embarrased to say that I am a catholic, and listen to all of this crying about an issue that has been resolved to the best of your ability. There are bigger fish to fry.. ( and don't get me started on that one)

Jerry B said...

This isn't about hypocrisy, it's about the Cardinal's cooperation in murder.

First, it was a crime for Caritas to vie for state funds because the state requires recipients to kill the poor. What should the Cardinal's penance be for that?

Second, the Cardinal is still happy with Caritas' "participation" in the Connector, the state plan to murder the poor. He thereby consents to the plan, and shares in the sin, right?

Third, if Caritas still has some arrangement with CeltiCare which helps the latter remain viable, then it helps them to kill the poor. This is the remaining issue.

Even the Jews who murdered Our Lord wouldn't keep the 30 pieces of silver. Your Eminence, for your soul, and for the reputations of the good Catholics working at Caritas, give back ALL 30 pieces.

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

The focus has to be on protecting physicians and healthcare workers that are in a state of grace and want to stay that way. We can't use the physicians who injure patients as a sign of the hypocrisy and throw in the towel of despair.

It' about protecting the territory for generations of physicians who DESIRE to practice medicine with fidelity to God.

Withdrawing their ownership interest is only 65% of the battle. For all we know, a deal was made to financially make up what was lost in the ownership interest in another kind of arrangement. More importantly, we don't know what promises Caritas to the Commonwealth and Caritas to fulfill the promises they made with respect to abortion referrals.

Call me suspicious - but I think we are all going to shocked at the deal Caritas has made while making it look as though they "pulled out of the contract".

Stay tuned.

Jerry B said...

I'm dying in anticipation. Any news?

I'll bet they try to bury this. "Oh just knock it off, Carol. Have you no charity towards your bishop?", etc. etc. (You've garnered some real sweet detractors over this, no?)

This reminds me of Cdl. Law's obfuscation on classroom sex-ed -- which still goes on, by the way. One mom, Alice Grayson, got told by her uncle Bill Murphy (then vicar general under Law, now bishop in Long Island), "Be quiet and trust the Cardinal."

What was "let us molest your children" now becomes "let us kill them."

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

"Oh just knock it off, Carol. Have you no charity towards your bishop?", etc. etc. (You've garnered some real sweet detractors over this, no?)"

Jerry, you could say that hasa familiar ring to it. It's about as effective as liturgical dance before a Latin Mass.

No news. Did you think anybody would? As I said, we did get pieces of a contract from the Commonwealth that seem to be incomplete and fishy. Got to put these FOIA's out and start lobbying benefactors of MCFL and the diocese - and put out a parish-to-parish information campaign. For Starters.

Jerry B said...

There's no liturgical dance at my Latin Mass, Deo gratias!

We need somebody important to pick this up. Archbishop Burke maybe? C. Levada won't touch it, hence Pope Benedict probably won't receive all the details.

Clear thinking was murdered along with St. Thomas Aquinas sometime over the past 50 years. We know the Caritas deal is wrong, but need some muscle to make the case, so it sticks to Cardinal Sean.

I wouldn't be surprised if C. Sean actually planned the divestment ploy early on, knowing that he would catch flak and would need a distraction. That is, I'm willing to believe he's a lot smarter (craftier) than he appears to be.