Sunday, July 5, 2009

News Flash: Lincoln Eradicated Slavery. National Policies to "Reduce it" While Publicly Funding it = Horsefeathers

Cardinal Rigali Pins the Tail on the Obama Rope a Dope.

"First, he said, "public funding of abortion is rejected by the American people, as numerous surveys of public opinion have shown." He also noted that Catholics recently sent "tens of millions of postcards to their elected representatives in Congress, opposing any weakening or reversal of current appropriations riders on abortion."

"Second, no lawmaker or Administration can support such a policy change and still claim to support 'reducing abortions.' The evidence is overwhelming, and universally recognized by groups on all sides of the abortion issue, that the availability of public funds for abortion greatly increases abortions."

The premise that you'd want to reduce abortions is all the evidence you need that abortions are human rights violations.

Somebody kills somebody else in an abortion.

The victim whose body lieth in the trash can is not the woman who claims she has sovereignty over her body.

Lincoln eradicated slavery. We didn't, at the urgency of his leadership, find ways to reduce it while putting policies into place that promoted it and supported it.

"Third, this action takes place as Congress is working to win broad support for a much-needed major reform of our health care system," Cardinal Rigali noted. "This is the worst of all possible times to be injecting the divisive issue of public abortion funding into the debate on government health policy."

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