Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama Can't Bring Himself to Apologize for Playing the Race Card

President Obama's arrogance is breathtaking - says he should have "calibrated comments".

A little more "calibration" is in order.

A policeman responding to a breaking and entering call from a concerned neighbor was met by a man who not only refused to produce his identification, he became combative and abusive and accused the officer's investigation of the complaint as being racially motivated.

Gates assumed that the officer approached him because he observed him. Gates was unaware that a neighbor called in the complaint and the officer was responding a 911 call. Even when this was calmly explained to Gates, his irrational and abusive behavior continued.

Everyone abusing a police officer while refusing to produce identification stands a fairly good chance of winding up in jail.

The President is refusing to apologize for calling the police department "stupid" for responding to an abusive individual with an arrest, for his conclusions that the policeman was a racist, and for making sleazy and obnoxious remarks about breaking and entering into the White House.

He in fact, still refuses to quantify a policeman's response to an abusive individual as righteous. It's news to the police and to world at large that it's every black man's nightmare to be approached a policeman while he is picking locks, breaking doors down and abusing people inside of his home.

We beg your pardon.

I'm not impressed with the invitation for a beer and I don't think the police are impressed either. What we were looking for was a statement that said I spoke without really knowing that Gates was arrested for not producing his identification and being abusive. I spoke without knowing that there every witness who observed Gates labeled his conduct as outrageous. I spoke without knowing Officer Crowley was an exemplary policeman with many years experience working to advance racial harmony and is well-respected by his fellow officers of every race and creed. I apologize to the Cambridge police for calling them stupid and I apologize for making this issue about race. That's what we are looking for.

Instead, Obama continues to twist the situation - and exaggerate by now claiming that the Officer "pulled Gates out of his house".

"I told this to Sergeant Crowley. I continue to believe that there was an overreaction in pulling professor Gates out of his home and to the station.
Obama is in deep doo-doo and has made matters worse with his arrogance. He had an opportunity to be honest and humble and garner support and respect.

Instead, we got a half-assed invitation for a brewskey and more condemnation about police arresting abusive men. One can only imagine the frightening conduct Gates executes upon people behind closed doors when cameras aren't rolling.

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