Friday, July 31, 2009

Obama's Brewsky Hour with Gates and Crowley

Well, that was quite the publicity stunt.

I don't think the President has any idea what the teachable moment actually was or what the consequences of his (and Gates) refusal to apologize will be going forward.

Let's review the lessons, shall we?

When you see something suspicious or are a victim of a crime, if the perpetrator isn't white, refuse to answer the 911 operator's questions about the color of their skin and hair.

It's every blackman's nightmare when he's breaking down a door or picking a lock to be accosted by a policeman and asked for identification.

When police ask for identification, refuse to give it, get caustic and accuse the incident of being racially motivated.

When the 911 caller gets frightened by the out of control abusive behavior and projects she will be a target, when the abusive man continues, police act stupidly when they arrest him.

When it turns out the policeman the President has accused of racial profiling is a false assertion, don't apologize, set up a publicity stunt on your lawn to make it look like it's all blown over - without apologizing.

Good luck with that.

After the stunt, Crowley continued to show he has the class the others so desperately desire but will never possess until they toss the chip on their shoulders weighing them down into the gutter. Crowley indicated that the "talks" would continue,the press asked whether they'd be meeting for another "beer". Crowley said he thought meeting for another "beer" would send the wrong message, perhaps they'll meet next time over Koolaid or ice tea. He's a class act.

Perhaps too, they'll invite the woman who dialed the police who has repeatedly said Gates' behavior was a justifiable offense for an arrest and affirms that arrest? She's got the piece of the puzzle that ends Gates and the President's charades.

There's a political price to pay for not admitting it's Crowley and the 911 caller who were victimized and making gentlemanly apology. I suspect the teachable moment has passed them by - crown them with dunce caps and off they'll go to an elite vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Crowley will return to patrolling the streets.

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