Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama's "Town Hall" Meeting at AARP

How deceptive the Obama Administration is, and how the press is collaborating by deliberately omitting details that reveal his various farces, is breathtaking.

The poor suckers who attended the meeting should be spending their precious time reading the bill or finding the now many resources with citations from it that indicate they'll be assigned an end of life assistant who will review the status of their health every few years and make decisions for them.

I'm sure Obama was hoping there was enough dementia in the room for "slowing the growth of Medicare" to go right over the attendees heads.

We should be hitting up the senior centers all over America and passing out citations of the "healthcare" bill.

“I don’t want to do anything that will stop you from getting the care you need - and I won’t,’’ he said. “But you know and I know that right now we spend a lot of money in our healthcare system that doesn’t do a thing to improve people’s health.

"...doesn't do a thing to improve people's health"?

Is there anybody out there really buying into this crap?


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