Saturday, July 25, 2009

The President's Support and Participation in a Racially-Motivated Attack upon White People and Law Enforcement

Until Barack Obama says he's sorry and stops implying the arrest of the abusive little man proves America is racist, he's going to continue to politicaly unravel.

Obama and his administration seems to be woefully underestimating his support and personal participation of a racially motivated attack against white persons and law enforcement.

Even yesterday, after talking to Crowley by phone and emphasizing what an "outstanding police officer he is," Obama couldn't bring himself to concede the full extent of his error. He suggested both men were equally to blame, and cited "the fact that it has garnered so much attention" as proof racial issues "are still very sensitive here in America."

Baloney. The case got so much attention only because a reporter asked Obama about it on national television and he foolishly took the bait to give a long, somewhat angry answer.

Until then, the case was a mild curiosity largely because Gates, whom I know and admire, is a celebrity academic.

Obama's second mistake yesterday was insisting that weighing in is part of his "portfolio." Nonsense. Stripped of Gates' status, the case would never rise to White House comment.

In fact, there is no evidence of a racial component other than that Gates is black and Crowley is white. Not every mixed-race argument, even one involving the police, automatically qualifies as a racial incident.

Obama, by linking the case to the historically legitimate issue of police abuse of minorities, gave it a gravity it doesn't deserve. Even worse, making that linkage suggests he buys Gates' unsupported claim that Crowley's actions were racist. On what evidence?

Obama said yesterday the incident was a "teachable moment." It could be if the President sets the right example on how to clean up a mistake.

He should just admit he was wrong to get involved in the first place.

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