Friday, July 17, 2009

Voice of the Faithful Cost Savings Announcement

As our tipster in the comboxes points out, Catholic Key Blog has a follow-up post on Voice of the Faithful circulation clarifying their fire sale fundraising.

Some people ask: What could you possibly need $30,000 a month for?

To which I respond: How can we possibly run a nationwide and worldwide movement to transform a well-funded, entrenched 2000-year-old institution with any less?

There is new evidence this month of the need for the Catholic laity to speak up and speak out about our Church. Two recent developments underscore that need:

* Experiencing the same trauma that U.S. Catholics suffered when the clergy sex abuse scandal was exposed in the U.S. in 2002, Catholics in Ireland are now realizing how much has been hidden away from their sight in parishes, schools and orphanages throughout that country; and

* The Vatican has recently launched two investigations in the U.S., not to further understand the sexual abuses by clergy, but to identify American nuns who do not have sufficient “fidelity” to the Vatican.
Permit me, if you will, to make a half-million dollar per year cost-saving announcement:

We know what's sick in the Catholic Church. When it comes to the safety of children in the Catholic Church, it's not the clergy we have to worry about. It's the batpoop crazy laity. These are the same people who were in control of everything on earth now on the brink of global collapse.

This group of wizards, now wanting to fix things customarily could index seven or eight things they do in every parish. They run the music ministry, they're "Eucharistic Ministers", lectors, pastoral councils and they're a CCD teacher, RCIA and finance committees. The only places you don't find them is in Adoration, the Rosary prayer group and the Confession line. When people had a complaint about corruption, they harassed whistleblowers. They are the culture they're trying to fix.

Parents should no more get involved with anything any of these whackadoos operate or entrust their sweet children and teenagers to them than they would the carnival people at the Brockton Fair. Set up neighborhood watch programs and send out an amber alert when you see these crazy people in your neighborhood. Tether your children with ropes tied to your waist.

These people want Catholics to send them money so they can go over and "help" the Irish?

Saints preserve us.

That's like when Castro opened up the prisons and gave them all free boats, a compass and maps to Florida.

Heavens no, we can't do that. It would be cruelty.


mike said...

Well Carol!
welcome home the private revelations of these spiritual serial killers and their reign of terror may just be coming to an end.

From the beautiful City of Boston said...


I hope you're right!

I have a sneaking suspicion: They've been around for 2000 years and I suspect they'll be around for 2000 more. They rise, they fall. The gates of Hell just can't seem to prevail against the 2000 year old institution. All the money in the world isn't going to help them, is it.

Anonymous said...

Another news tip, this time on Catholics in Alliance:

Enjoy! And remember this group is here in the Boston area...