Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Washington Post and Other Salvos

This is part and parcel of the scandalous fallout of an encyclical that leaves a door open to be interpreted by the communist/new world order whackadoos as evidence the Pope is to the left of Obama and sees him as a favorable light leading America towards salvation and good ends.

When President Obama meets with Pope Benedict XVI tomorrow, there will be no right-wing Catholic demonstrators upbraiding the pontiff, as they did Notre Dame earlier this year, for conferring the church's legitimacy upon this liberal politician.

But the Vatican clearly views Obama through a broader prism. Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the papal nuncio in Washington, has privately warned American bishops that harsh attacks on the president threaten to make the church look partisan.

The Vatican press has been largely sympathetic to Obama, and in a recent article, Cardinal Georges Cottier, who was the theologian of the papal household under Pope John Paul II, praised Obama's "humble realism" and on abortion went so far as to compare the president's approach to that of St. Thomas Aquinas. (Pray this won't go to Obama's head.)

The Vatican's stance and the broadly positive response to Obama's Notre Dame speech have at least temporarily quelled the vocal opposition to the president among more conservative American bishops. Now, parts of the hierarchy are working closely with the administration on health-care reform, immigration and climate-change legislation.

Benedict's encyclical may provide the best perspective for understanding why a pope seen as a conservative views Obama more favorably than do most Catholic conservatives in the United States.

In the New Testament and The Book of Revelation, as the goats are separated from the sheep and the devil comes to collect his goats, he baits more traps.

Without a doubt, Pope Benedict's Caritas in Veritate was intended to reiterate the absolutes that a government operated with the pro-death agenda of Obama and his Administration is godless and doomed, the United Nations is a disaster in urgent need of reform, the flaws of the planned parenthood and abortion types have been a disaster, with the primary focus of drawing the befuddled and misled towards their conversion.

It is doing the opposite of it's intention. People are being hijacked.

I hope the Pope uses the opportunity to set the record straight. Unambiguously. Let's let devil bait the traps on his own. When we trip up and foolishly provide him with bait, we have a duty to untwist their logic and let he who has ears, hear.

Going to be interesting!

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