Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tidbits from the news..

Oh dear, this is not good news at all.

The percentage of U.S. homeowners who owe more than their house is worth will nearly double to 48 percent in 2011 from 26 percent at the end of March, portending another blow to the housing market, Deutsche Bank said on Wednesday.

As if we weren't all depressed enough, the Mittster is writing a book.

These two boys had their worst and best days of their lives, all at the same time.

Speaking of bad days, this poor 76-year-old was driving his antique tractor in a parade and two policeman shot him with a taser. The police are claiming he "may have" hit a car. "May have" and "did" are two different things. Where's the property damage, victim and witnesses?

The mysteries surrounding the cash for clunkers program is weird, isn't it?

But not weirder than Rupert Murdock thinking that people give enough of a rat's patoot about what's going on in the world to pay for access to news websites. That's when blogs will really take off.

Finishing off the trilogy of weirdness, old man Putin is baring his chest again. Dude, this might have looked good 20 years ago. Thank God somebody is there to make him put on pants before he goes out the door.

Last but not least, the Boston Globe is asking the Woostockers to send them any pictures they have of the three days of sex, drugs and rock and roll they've been re-living in their mind these past 40 years. Sister wear-the-pants has declared the 40 year anniversary as holy day of obligation at the USCCB. Archbishop Weurl is kicking off the day of reflection with a pinball wizard mass in the back of Joan Chittiser's Westfalia.

Kinda strange it will be the first generation to be euthanized? Hare Krishna. Hurry, hurry?

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