Saturday, August 15, 2009

House to House Search for Individuals Making Fun of Obama

There's Federal Pandemonium trying to find the madmen associated with making a caricature out of Barack Obama.
Clermont police have interviewed one suspect who is admitting to putting up the dozens of posters pasted around the city depicting President Obama as the Joker character from the Batman film The Dark Knight, city officials confirmed....

At this point officials are not sure how much damage was caused by the signs or the dollar amount associated with the clean-up.

Dozens of the posters were pasted around the city earlier this week. A pair of the posters were pasted to a Clermont Post Office collection box. They prompted the postmaster to contact the Postal Inspector's office, which is looking at potential federal crimes for defacing federal property.

City officials, meanwhile, are trying to determine what local crimes might be associated with the posting of the images on public and private properties. They've also been busy ripping down the sticky signs because they're a violation of city ordinance regarding illegal signs.

Jensen said he doesn't have a good count on the number of posters put up because, he said, "People are going out and tearing them down."

Somewhere in the transition between the Bushes and the Obamas, making fun of the President and his family became a federal crime.

Heil Obama.

These are definitely on my shopping for Christmas list.

We're taking a chance they'll roll out the tanks?

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