Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm freezing my butt off

It's too soon for this.

I want he humidity back.


Anonymous said...

"Our pains aren't so bad......."
St. Bernadette

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

Ok, ok.

Anonymous said...

We are too if it's any consolation and it's only Sept 1st. Leaving the desert seemed like a good idea at the time. LOL!!!
L, Rachele

Lynne said...

Bite your tongue woman! ;-)

In this weather, you can always put a sweater on or something and it wasn't so cold that you needed to turn the heat on.

I *hate* humidity....


From the beautiful City of Boston said...

Rachele, did you leave? How's it going?? I've been meaning to catch up to you! You went from the fire right into the ice cube. You're young though - it'll be a smooth transition?

Lynne, haha! There's nothing like a thin layer of sweat over your entire body for days at a time. Especially when you're sitting in front of the Atlantic Ocean!