Saturday, August 29, 2009

Joe Kennedy

I vehemently disagree with the politics of Joe Kennedy. But....his face is kind, he too loves Christ, his family and the poor - tries to serve them in a quiet way.

Living and working in Boston, I have many friends who are liberal whackaddoos. In spite of our differences, they love me -- and I love them back.

I go sword to sword with the Kennedy's on many things. The Kennedys are a part of the culture to most cradle Boston Irish Catholics - especially those old enough to have lived through John Kennedy's political career. There's something about Irish Catholic politics ( Dapper O'Neill, James Curley, the Kennedys - etc.) that can't be explained.

Every once in a while, a politician comes along with whom we can turn swords into plowshares. Ronald Reagan -- I think Mike Huckabee is another. There's something about Joe Kennedy that I also believe has this charism - at least for me. If the guy ever could embrace the full teachings of the Church - what a politician he could be.

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