Wednesday, August 19, 2009

John Zmirak's Screed on The Perverse Use of of Christian Impulses

I absolutely love reading John Zmirak. He has such a way of zeroing in on our flaws and using biting sarcasm. His style is entertaining, enlightening, shocking and if you're sauntering along the road of trying to perfect your own flawed and sinful nature-it's a fabulous spiritual tool. Especially if being mocked is up your alley.

There's always a good hearty laugh at his perspective of worldly things that are driving us crazy as warriors and a little dose of what's driving the people around us crazy.

I've seen people really do this -- for instance, Catholic bloggers who seem to boast about the depth of their former sins, and wallow in their specialness compared to dreary, bourgeois churchgoers who've always tried to follow the rules. There's a certain type of "penitent" who delights in playing the perpetual prodigal son, always deserving of the fatted calf. Just by going one more day without doing heroin, or cheating on their spouses, they think they are forever causing greater joy in heaven than whole cloisters full of holy Carmelites. The trick is to stay the "lost sheep," and never blend in and become one of those boring 99 . . .

He takes on the Litany of humility like nobody else could.

Give yourself a gift and read his latest screed:

Please Allow Me to Humiliate You.

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