Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lockerbie Lunacy

Have they named the wizards who made the decision to release the homicidal madman responsible for freeing the airline bomber?

Khadafy praised Prime Minister Gordon Brown and members of the royal family by name for what he described as influencing the decision to let the terminally ill Abdel Baset al-Megrahi return home to die
The Brits are denying it but something smells in their denials.

Further, in spite of Obama's indignation over the release, I'm not buying it. I can't swallow that the Scotts would release this lunatic without Barack Obama and his crew of terrorist-loving compassionates approving the decision to free him. Obama ran his campaign with a soundbyte of freeing terrorits from GITMO. I think this is part of Barack's credo.

Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill decided to release al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds because the Libyan has prostate cancer and was given only months to live by top British
It is not compassionate for the victims of the mass murderer. Nor is it wise to release a man with weeks left to live who has proven he is capable, willing and interested in acts of terrorism that result in mass murder.

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Faith said...

I bet the real reason is money. The man probably lived in the hospital. Since prison aren't state of the art medical centers, he was probably sent to the local hospital, under guard, very often--maybe even lived there for treatment. It's cheaper to get rid of him.
They could have sent him to a prison in his homeland, for the same reason--compassion. Since he wasn't, I'd speculate that that prison system couldn't afford him either.