Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two Interesting Legal Decisions Affecting the Unborn

The first one in South Dakota where a judge ruled that women must be told that abortion is ending a human life.

Go ahead, kill another human being because in this country - you can.

The second ruling from Massachusetts where a judge extended an abuse prevention order on behalf of her unborn child over the objections of the mother.

The judge noted that, "the Guidelines [do indeed] suggest that a court should not deny a plaintiff's request to vacate or modify an abuse prevention order for the sole reason that the court concluded her decision was unwise. Recognizing the protective purpose of G.L.c. 209A, there is no valid reason to deny protection here simply because the child in this case is yet to be born."

The father in the case had a long history of violence and crimes and had beaten her while pregnant. She subsequently decided she'd like to talk to him about doctor's appointments, the pregnancy, etc. The self-esteem of some women is so pathetically low, they put themselves and their children into an abusive situation. Bottom line: Protecting a child from harm in utero when a woman can't tear herself away from an abusive jerk kicks the constitutional status of unborn child up a few notches.

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