Saturday, September 26, 2009

Civil Discourse with Terrorists Isn't Panning Out for Obama

Barack ran his campaign firing salvos at defensive military strategies and telling the American people that once he was elected there would be no war because he would defuse war by holding rational discussions with the tyrants and mass murderers.

With the realization that Obama prefers American's be sitting ducks for terrorists and opposes defending the country, Iran has given Obama the finger. Not only does Iran have a "secret annex" to their nuclear power plant and about to make Atomic bombs, they are perfecting the long-range missile system to shoot them from.

Obama, you see, is so much nicer to terrorists than George Bush that he's even making extra efforts to befriend the ethnic cleansers and mass murderers by dismantling the US missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Just hours after President Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced that they were shelving plans for a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe because of Iran's shift in strategy, the Associated Press revealed details of the secret report by the International Atomic Energy Agency. It says Iran has "sufficient information" to build a bomb.

Huffington Post (of course),is calling this strategy is "brilliant" and "shrewd".

Here's the Reader's Digest version:

Obama will make the defensive missile shield impotent and get Russia, Brittain and Germany to circle Iran's wagons to cut off their food and money. Madmen faced with having their power taken away from them with life-threatening sanctions will wave the white flag.

But so far, Obama has handled Iran perfectly with a mixture of threats and promises of cooperation.

That's right. Blockade food and water from suicide bombers and they'll lay down their arms when they know there is nothing stopping their missiles from killing the people circling the wagons.

Very shrewd indeed.

Some White House luminaries are now saying they knew chances for a love-in were slim and there may have to be a plan b.

Still, the positive response that the president most wanted, from Iran’s leaders themselves, has yet to materialize. Some administration officials said they always believed the odds were slim that the hard-line clerics who run Iran would clasp Mr. Obama’s outstretched hand.

And those slim prospects seemed to vanish entirely after Iran’s chaotic elections in June, when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected amid evidence of flagrant irregularities that brought demonstrators into the streets and prompted a bloody government crackdown....

Mr. Indyk, a Middle East peace negotiator in the Clinton administration, said the lesson of this bumpy period was to keep trying. “It’s not as though he came in with real possibilities and squandered them,” Mr. Indyk said of Mr. Obama. “He found a barren landscape and tried to water it.”

He is playing with fire.

UPDATE: Iran test fires missiles in a show of defiance against threats.

Iran said it successfully test-fired short-range missiles during military drills Sunday by the elite Revolutionary Guard, a show of force days after the U.S. warned Tehran over a newly revealed underground nuclear facility it was secretly constructing.

Gen. Hossein Salami, head of the Revolutionary Guard Air Force, said Iran also tested a multiple missile launcher for the first time. The official English-language Press TV showed pictures of at least two missiles being fired simultaneously and said they were from Sunday's drill in a central Iran desert. In the clip, men could be heard shouting "Allahu Akbar" as the missiles were launched.

"We are going to respond to any military action in a crushing manner and it doesn't make any difference which country or regime has launched the aggression," state media quoted Salami as saying. He said the missiles successfully hit their targets.

The masses have elected a weakling and a fool.

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