Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Countdown to the Big Speech

When Obama delivers the speech on how we've just got to ration and siphon medical care from the poorest of the poor, the elderly and cancer patients to give away free stuff to people who can't pay for it themselves with money nobody has, Ted Kennedy's wife and children will be front and center - Victoria even sitting beside Michelle Obama..

A lot of people killed by abortions Kennedy advocated for, legislated and promoted - won't be tuning in.

You also won't be seeing Laura Hope Smith in the audience.

Judie Brown has a moving post up on her blog with the story.

Eileen Smith’s daughter and grandchild were killed in Hyannis, Massachusetts, just two short years ago. The tragedy is that they both died from a “safe and legal” abortion. When she wrote her story, a good friend and reporter, Gail Besse, e-mailed me about it. I then got in touch with Eileen to ask if she would like to expand on this real-life horror story herself. She replied, “I will defer to you and yours to write it. I am available for any questions or clarifications. I just want to get it out.”

I accepted the challenge, and here is what needs to get out:

Laura died on the wrong side of Kennedy’s politics

Read the story.

Spread the word.

Kudo's to Gail Besse for passing the reminder on to Judie.

Hopefully the GOP has their ducks in a row for the rebuttal.

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