Monday, September 21, 2009

Doug Kmiec: Make Up Your Own Catechism

In an interview with The Times of Malta, Kmiec recounts how he became an Obama supporter.

"Even though there were areas of disagreement, Mr Obama pointed out the responsibility of government to provide a family wage, to care for the environment and to provide healthcare for the uninsured," he said.

"When I thought about all these things, I thought 'this is my catechism come to life' because we are called to each of these things in the social teachings of the Church," he added.

Few people could promote a man whose policies foster killing infants and call it their catechism come to life.

Shame on him.

Kmiec also told The Times of Malta of a conversation he had about abortion with Obama.

He said Obama asked him something like, "What would cause a mother to contemplate taking the life of a child? It has to be something awful. It has to be a woman without shelter, without insurance, without the next meal on the table."

These kinds of situations make up a tiny fraction of a woman contemplating an abortion.

When are Catholics going to grab this malarkey and speak the truth.

Most abortions are contemplated after an episode of promiscuity. A woman is in a relationship, she thinks the man loves her because of the intimacy he expresses and seeks, the relationship turns sexual and she finds out he loves her... not so much.

Abortions are a product of Kinsey sex ed and irresponsible men who won't step up to the plate when they get a woman pregnant?

Kmiec also told the newspaper he has encouraged Obama to become pro-life and recalls how he told him, "How can you allow someone to terminate another person's life? What moral authority do you have for that?"

Obama replied: "Well, professor, not everyone sees life beginning in the same way. The Methodists see it differently, the Jewish faith in part sees it differently."

"If I am elected President," he told Kmiec, "I am President of all these people."

The argument is not about when life begins. It's about proactively taking measures to interfere in the life process once it has begun. In this country, we can't destroy the fertilized egg of an eagle because the cycle of life once it begins is federally protected. We want the same for children.

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