Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inappropriate Storytelling??

This Mike DuVall story is mindboggling.

Mike Duvall stepped down Wednesday after a videotape surfaced in which was overheard telling a lawmaker about having sex with a lobbyist and another woman, including salacious details about how one mistress wears skimpy underwear and likes to be spanked. The 54-year-old Republican is married with two adult children.

But Duvall said Thursday that his "decision to resign is in no way an admission that I had an affair or affairs."

"My offense was engaging in inappropriate storytelling and I regret my language and choice of words.

Inappropriate storytelling??

Inappropriate storytelling was what Barack Obama did last night.

Video and transcript of what this gross old and shriveled "man" calls storytelling is

Rock on pervert.


Anonymous said...

Mind boggling?
Can you say BABY BOOMER.
He is from the generation that thinks it discovered genitals. Sex scandals are old news. Our culture is now 'R' rated, it has been for quite awhile. I'm just surprised you are surprised.
check out...

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

You are joshing.....aren't you?

It isn't possible that this piggy disrespect of women and sexuality is commonplace.

I can't be this naive?

Holiness and intimacy and deep commitment still exists...

Bracing myself for the video...

Anonymous said...

No joke, Yes, Commonplace.

Sex is a sport in America.
Didn't anybody tell you?

'Holiness and intimacy and deep commitment still exists'...sure - underground on the lunatic religious fanatic fringe.

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

The thing with the spanking and the other cookie on the side and talking about it like it's storytelling about the fish you caught?

Are you telling me this is commonplace?

I mean..I knew it happened - but I thought of it more as a pervert freak rapist con man like this dude. Get a job in politics, spend time convincing a woman and then several that you "love" them and then con them into sex instead of trolling the streets raping women dude. Sickos.

No. Nobody told me this is commonplace now. Sort of explains a thing or two though.

Thanks. (I think?)

Anonymous said...

Consider these current American Milestones...

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"
- Prostitution is legal and excepted in many secular circles
"Victoria Secret at the mall"
- Undeniable Pornography on Main St.
"Family Guy" the popular TV show
- Stag party humor at best, has now become family television fare. Fatherhood and Manhood are openly mocked - the teen daughter or dog appears to the family moral compass if anyone at all.

I suppose in addition to the moral decline and slide into the abyss in America today, discretion has also been lost. What once was deviance and bravado shared in the locker room, now has no taboo context. You can find it on you tube. Hell, even the Archbishop eulogizes king butt slapper himself. See, being a "Good Guy" has replaced morality and virtue. Fraternal correction to informally and if needed, formally, enforce the moral code has nearly completely vanished from the American Catholic landscape.
What once, less than a generation ago was simply a dirty habit of 'the lost boys' has become codified as equivalent to sacramental marriage. Like it or not Catholic clergy and Catholic politicians from Boston have brought this to America.

There is a backlash.
You are in the middle of it.

From the beautiful City of Boston said...