Friday, September 11, 2009

The Incivility (and Duplicity) of John Allen

God help me, but I loathe acts of crucifying the Church and It's warriors by people exalting themselves as models of charity and civility.

John Allen of the (apostate) "National Catholic Reporter" is one such example of this phenomenon.

For the same reasons we find laughable Obama's premise that the Taliban are our friends & we can reason with them, the idea that John Allen is anything but an enemy of the truth, is dangerously naive.

Most of the time, Allen plays rope-a-dope with a small handful of unseasoned warriors until the timing is right to coil up, hiss and strike at people bringing the truth into the light.

Allen's victims this time are Jack Smith of Kansas City Key Blog and LifeSite News for their exposes on Sister Carol Keehnan and Fr. Tom Rosica.

Before he furnishes his slander, he lulls the folks who can't get away from the mirrors adoring themselves into the snare:

One bit of gallows humor in Catholic circles is that sometimes the worst enemies of the pro-life movement are pro-lifers themselves. The point is that a handful of activists occasionally come off as so shrill, so angry and judgmental, that fair-minded people simply tune out the pro-life message.

That’s horribly unfair, of course, to the vast majority of people involved in pro-life efforts, who in my experience are respectful, idealistic, and eminently rational.

With the beautiful people now on the sitting in the peanut gallery with John Allen and Joan Chittister, you'll just have pardon we "uncivilized" people, because this tripe has no place in the world of evangelism and the 2000 years of martyrdom that purchased our Deposit of Faith.

Oh, I'm sure somewhere underneath the catacombs of the National Catholic Reporter there's a bible with 12 other kinds of apostles who passed on Catholicism by charitable exchanges with Ciaphas, Pilate and Nero -- and a St. Joseph who doesn't flee to Egypt but rather works out a compromise with King Herod to keep the slaughtering of infants to a minimum.

Perhaps we can all look forward to Opie Taylor making a movie out of it. Personally, my money is on Aunt Bea being a very unhappy camper about the way he's turned out. Meanwhile, Christendom will just have to march forward the old fashioned way.

John states:

I came to know Keehan when she began leading annual trips to Rome for board members of the various Catholic hospital networks in America, the purpose of which is to foster great understanding and a deeper sense of common cause between the Vatican and leaders of Catholic health care in the United States. (In the interests of full disclosure, I’m usually part of the program for these visits.)

My friendship with Rosica dates to 2002, when he was the chief organizer of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Canada for World Youth Day. Since then, we’ve bumped into one another in a variety of settings. He’s perhaps the most truly “catholic” guy I’ve ever met,

Both CHA under Keehan, and Salt and Light under Rosica, have positioned themselves firmly in the Catholic middle.

Let's cut to the chase about a fallacy that there is such a thing as the "Catholic middle", shall we?

We are talking about faithfulness - and a scale that runs from 100% faithful to 0% faithful. Keehan and Rosica are 50% faithful to Christ. That's about as enchanting as a wife who sleeps with somebody else half of her marriage.

I'm not at all impressed that Keehan toured with the Pope and enjoys a reputation in high-powered circles. So did Macial Maciel. That and $5.00 will buy you a cup of java at Starbucks.

Keehan's history in the prolife community, in the trenches, has justly earned her a reputation for being 50% unfaithful to Christ. And, John Allen seems to be aware of her subterfuge or he would never describe her as neither here nor there but in "the middle" (where Christ spits out of His Mouth)

In Keehan’s case, the blast came from a blog operated by the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese. In an August 6 posting, writer Jack Smith accused Keehan of “being at odds with the USCCB and the pro-life cause” on health care reform. (A USCCB spokesperson promptly denied that assertion.) Smith pointed to Keehan’s annual salary of $856,093 – which, as he noted, is turned over to her order – to suggest that she’s essentially a highly paid shill for the health care industry. The post has metastasized on the Internet.

When Sister Carol Keehan's opinion happens to support the proabortion policies of Obama and abortion contracts of Cardinal O'Malley, the $856,000 is the payoff. And, it's a mighty big one for women who take vows of poverty.

There's nothing uncivilized about pointing out where Sr. Keehan's opinions have strayed from the Faith and the money being put into her pocket. John is being...well, uncivil. Not to mention intellectually dishonest.

Allen continues the drama by indicating LifeSite's comparison of Rosica to Raymond Arroyo in their coverage of the canonization of Ted Kennedy generated 500 "hostile" messages to Rosica.

Somewhere, the world's tiniest violin is playing.

For those of us who have endured years of the backlash, hostility, stalking, threatening - generated by decades of stories maligning those who profess the accurate teachings of the Church as hate mongers of homosexuals and lesbians and the poor, I find Allen's malarkey to be beneath contempt.

Somebody who feigns they are a loyal footsoldier in your army but is working for the other side - and taking nearly a million dollars for it - that is the worst kind of enemy.

I'm not the least bit ashamed to say it.

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Still, Allen is better than someone who has taken lifelong vows and then turned on the Church. Lots of examples here in the Boston area!