Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet the President (in Your Goths)

The Spanish Prime Minister is working overtime trying to get pictures of his visit with his daughters dressed in goth/witch attire at the White House out of circulation.

As a Mom of three - two still teenagers, I'm an advocate of choosing your battles.

Children get their self-esteem from what other people think of them. What other people think of them can be read in an instant. The role of a parent is to give them guidance so that the unspoken messages they receive are messages that build up their self-confidence.

Letting children walk out of the house dressing in wrinkled and stained clothes, dressing like a freak, wearing makeup like a freak is poor parenting.

Letting them wear freak clothing and makeup the White House meet the President of the United States is pathetic parenting.

What message did these two children get from seeing their parents try to remove pictures they are ashamed of?


Anonymous said...

"To date, supporters and critics alike say he's done a creditable job"

Faith said...

So that's what "Goth" is. I thought they were dressing like little old Italian (Spanish) ladies. They reminded me of my grandmother from the old country.

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

anonymous - you've posted your link with the misspelled quote obsessively. I've just now gone to the link to find a glowing report on how everyone is pleased with Cardinal O'Malley written by somebody I've never heard of before.

I cannot imagine what crowd you run with but suffice it to say that those in the trenches doing the labor and those who have been handed the paper trail across the country and in Rome certainly know that the Cardinal is a menace to the safety of children and the deposit of faith.

And, Hehir is a poisonous snake.

There is a day of reckoning coming for both of them. You can take that to the bank.

From the beautiful City of Boston said...


Did your nana wear leather wrist cuffs?


Now that you mention it, it does look a little like the old italian/spanish ladies who would dress in black.

The sad thing is, these girls actually look like two nice young ladies. The parental misfeasance is heartbreaking. Those children are going to form opinions of themselves from the looks people give them while they are wearing these nutty wardrobe. This formation period for teens most times people never get over.

Anonymous said...

While I do agree it is poor parenting to allow a child to dress inappropriatly for a given situation, or perhaps just laziness on their part, it is illegal to print pictures of the children of high level politicians in the Spanish news. So the Spanish president is within his rights to prevent the pictures from being shown in Spain.

Dymphna said...

Well, I used to dress entirely in black and was as goth as I coud get within my circumstances (Catholic school girl with a no nonsense mom) and I turned out relatively okay.

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

Dymphna, there's an "emo" fashion craze here in these parts. Goth is out. I've personally let a few emo fashion slide by when the situation was harmless and somewhat discreet. I don't at all believe it's a sign that the kid is on the wrong path. My youngest has many friends whose style is unique. They are loved here and feel very accepted. I will say I've have scratched below the surface to make sure what they're wearing doesn't indicate somebody who is derailing. Seldom is it the case but it does happen and you have to watch for it - don't you agree?

Do you agree that are certain ways of dressing that cross a line and are inappropriate that will get a kid labeled and cast out? That being uninvited to events at peoples homes because parents can only see the inappropriate and outlandish and bar the kid from their own children affect the self-esteem of the outcast?

Few teenagers like the feeling of a realization that everyone's parents think you're unfit to be in the company of their children.

This was meeting with a respected I should say a person who holds a respected office.

I don't know...I tend to think if a parent wouldn't go to a wedding or funeral wearing something outlandish and inappropriate (because they know what it would do to their reputation and respect), why would they let their children do something foolish?

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

wow - it's illegal to publish pics of children of high-level people in Spain?

What a great law.