Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama is so nice.

The Obama Administration has lifted communication restrictions for the shoebomber.

This summer the Justice Department halted six years of measures that kept Reid from associating or praying with fellow jailed Muslim terrorists, and limited his access to the news media and pen pals.
Isn't that special. Obama thought cutting the shoebomber off from his pen pals, fans and fellow jailed terrorists was something they were spent time and efforts on to help the terrorist.

This is the new nice.

An emotional Hermis Moutardier, one of the flight attendants who thwarted Reid’s botched shoe bombing and was injured by the hulking terrorist, reacted with anger upon learning the news from the Herald by phone Friday.

“What’s wrong with our system?!” cried Moutardier, 54, who lives in Florida and still works as a flight attendant. “I am concerned about the safety of my country, my fellow citizens, my children, the public buildings, that’s my concern.”

What's wrong with the system?

The country elected Barack Hussein, and the guy didn't even have to produce his birth certificate when his Nana and relatives were caught saying Nana attended Barack Hussein's birth in Kenya. He used the corrupt ACORN and passed out opiates to get elected. He's built a cabinet outside of Congressional approval, appointed the most ideologically radical socialists and communists and called them "czars". He's taken over our banks, mortgage industry, GM and Chrystler and wants the healthcare industry.

That's what happened to "the system".

The excuse for this administrative treason is that the shoebomber, you see, do you say...he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

He seems to be able to keep outwitting the government which is a frightening thing for mainstream America.

Obama has run into a bump on the road in the politics of dope.

When he said he was going to give free healthcare to 50 million more people and get the money for it by shaving Medicare - and appointed a government official to review the decisions made by seniors, their family and doctors to come up with that money, everyone not smoking pot and busy with Cialis immediately realized that he was going to get the money by refusing lifesaving care to seniors.

Lifting restrictions upon terrorists is something that was even a meme in Barack's election noise. He was quite vocal about making our heroic armed forces the boogeymen and was quite clear about wanting to empty out Guantanamo of all the persecuted terrorists. He's investigating the CIA.

I watched a bit of Obama and George Stephanopolis this morning. The new nice veneer is starting to crack. The rage and bitterness is starting to surface under the smile. The interview is a must see. Don't miss looks on the face of George Stephanopolis, who by all accounts is a liberal. George is no longer a fan. Obama is losing the people who elected him.

By the way, with George this morning, Obama philisophically is still trying to sell the notion that the American people are already paying for people who show up and get free care and this is burdening the system. Realistically, all you have to do is start insisting people produce the passport and social security number. Take the panels that were going to review the healthcare decisions made between doctors and seniors and use them to run the information of people seeking free healthcare through homeland security. The millions illegal aliens putting a burden on the system would all but vanish. Once American's stop paying for benefits for illegals, we may find all the money we need to reform healthcare.

The folks occupying the White House are terrorist sympathizers. The tiny pocket of American's who are terrorist sympathizers are not enough to sustain Obama's political power. The American people are not on board the new nice.


Brittanicus said...

In the past not too many Americans and legal residents were unaware of the happenings in Congress. Today instant contact is a way of life for anybody who has access to a computer. In 1986 other than the paper media, tv and radio gave any evidence of the Immigration Reform package and that was surely limited? The US population was isolated from the truth that was to befall them, after the Simpson/Mazzoli bill passed because the politicians hid the truth? 2 million guest workers were to be given citizenship, but the process became full of corruption and 5.3 million was eventually approved for blanket AMNESTY. Expeditiously the guest workers moved away from agriculture and joined the mainstream of workers. BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES ARE EQUALLY TO TAKE BLAME FOR THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION OCCUPATION OF OUR NATION.

The people who picked the fruit and vegetables in the farms vanished, so that meant more floods of illegal workers to take the empty places. Today Obama wants to pass another miserable immigration reform bill, even though the main author Edward Kennedy insisted there would never be another path to citizenship. Millions of honest voter don't believe the rhetoric or lies that spill from the politicians anymore. Again behind closed drapes they have been having a secret summit, with little or no participation of the press or pro-sovereignty groups. When lawmakers declare no more Immigration reform than they better stick to their words. Both parties contain corrupt legislators who care nothing for the working man/women and are ready to present in the House and Senate a new immigration reform bill.

287 G, was a lifeline to train local police authorities to arrest and question people, but that may have seen the end of days. The no-match letter may also have been sold out, as well as ICE raids to pander to extremist groups such as La Raza. A recently released report by the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 42 states lost jobs last month with Indiana alone losing 9,500 jobs! With 15 million Americans out of work and most states continuing to lose jobs on a monthly basis, it is completely obnoxious that the United States hands out about 100,000 green cards each month! THIS IS NOT RACISM THIS IS ABOUT SURVIVAL!

President Obama is holding the reins, this time and already confusing the American people over health care. Joe Wilson was right to some degree about no mechanism in the health care package to identify illegal aliens. After the fact and bombarded by livid Americans they added amendments that would cut off all access. That why our legislators need to amplify the verification procedures, to remove foreign nationals from cheating the system.

I trust neither Sen. Harry Reid, House speaker Pelosi and all those who fumble along behind the major conspirators. Harry Reid's Nevada has hospitals in dire need of funds, because of the massive illegal alien population there. The same with California that's having release 20.000 prison inmates, because they were on the edge of bankruptcy, owing to indifferent assembly in Sacramento who allowed unfettered benefits to millions of illegal immigrant families feeding out of the waning state money trough.The businesses that draw them here, pay nothing to their living conditions. Those expenses are left to the taxpayers. Call your Senator or Representative at 202-224-3121 and demand no more Immigration Reform. If you want real facts find out about the corruption and other sinister issues at NUMBERSUSA & JUDICIAL WATCH. Only your irate voices will curtail another AMNESTY travesty and stop millions more arriving illegally in America?
Certainly I would like a Public option for some family members, but not if illegal aliens can benefit from US taxpayers paying the bill?

Pauli said...

Maybe the next time Hermis Moutardier has to deal with one of these pieces of human debris, she'll decide to kill him. That will keep society safer and save us money to boot.