Monday, September 14, 2009

Richard McBrien's Field of Blood

Father Z has taken everyone's favorite heretic Richard McBrien to task.

Richard has penned "alternate thoughts for the year of the priest" that is proof positive his entire life's work is circling the drain.

Richard's comments are in black Father Z's comments follow in red.

But there is a more realistic dimension to this Year for Priests, [So, let’s get this straight. Pope Benedict designates the parameters of the Year for Priests and its official celebrations but McBrien has better ideas.] and it is one that never sees the light of day in most of the diocesan papers in the United States and Canada because bishops will not permit any discordant opinions to be expressed. [Two things. I think it is not an exaggeration to suggest that most of the nation’s diocesan papers for the last few decades have entirely open to "discordant opinions", particularly with those out of harmony with the Church’s teachings. Second, now that a new generation of bishops are cleaning up their diocesan newspapers, discordant Catholics are whining about unfair treatment.]

There is a growing rift between so-called "Vatican II priests" and so-called "John Paul II priests," which is painfully evident in some dioceses when priests gather for the Eucharist at retreats and other diocesan events. [It is interesting to find on one side younger priests together with those priests, now much older, who were active for sometime before the Council and then, on the other hand, those who were formed especially during the late 60’s through around the late 80’s.]

My personal favorite:

5. There is a concomitant return to clericalism in the priesthood, involving not only a fascination with cassocks and birettas and a preference for antiquated vestments and devotions, [Remember: McBrien thinks that Eucharistic Adoration is an antiquated devotion which does harm to people. And he has been teaching for a very long time at Notre Dame. Think about that.] but also a negative, censorious tone to preaching and a cavalier dismissal of consultative structures that are supposed to be in place in every parish.

Richard was the author of the sexual abuse crisis in America. He organized a renegade group of priests here in Boston, suggested they come up with a scandal and coordinate it with a lay group (out of which "voice of the faithful" was born), they rounded up the Boston Globe and some attorneys - put up a website to recruit "victims" about a year before it broke -- and voila - - the hysteria has eaten the vocation of many an innocent priest and driven hoards out of the Catholic Church.

7. There has been a substantial attrition of Catholics—women, gays and lesbians, divorced people, critics of official teachings on sexuality and reproduction—from active membership in the church, to the point where fully one-tenth of the U.S. population now consists of ex-Catholics. What is being done about it? [I suppose we are simply waving goodbye. If people don’t like the teaching of the Church and won’t accept it, what are we supposed to do? Change the teaching? Soften the teaching?

Yes - that's exactly what McBrien and the group of Boston Benedict Arnolds were hoping for -- overthrowing the Roman Catholic Church and shoring up the Woodstock False Church he and his Jesuit colleagues have spent the last three decades constructing out of lies. They felt stifled and oppressed.

Though the vineyard has been devastated, McBrien's plan backfired. Out of the ashes cassocks, birettas, rosary, Adoration are rising.

Father Z says it best:

I have the impression that McBrien isn’t happy as a priest.

He trashed Eucharist Adoration and all the people who venerate the Blessed Sacrament.

Now he trashes the Year for Priests… and by implication those who have embraced this special Year.

It must be very difficult, despite his present position, to watch everything he has worked towards for decades crumbling and slipping between his fingers.

Once so revered, so powerful….

He is now less and less relevant to… well.. any discussion.

It must be very hard.


Anonymous said...

Carol, I didn't know that McBrien was behind the Boston scandals. Did he recruit priests to join the Boston Priests Forum? Did he help organize the group who started the petition against Cardinal Law? Is McBrien involved with the Lavendar Mafia?

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

Yes - McBrien started the entire ball rolling. He met with a group of priests that eventually became known as the Boston Priest's Forum. McBrien's invention.

The guy was conducting the entire thing.

Near as I know...and I have to be careful here to avoid sinning...McBrien has a girlfriend for many years that he's been known to take up residence with...pretty much common knowledge around Notre Dame. I don't think I'm telling tales out of school. The cat is long out of the bag.

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

btw - McBrien's organizing with the Boston priest's forum can be found with some due diligence in the Boston Globe archives. The references that he met with the priests who became known as the now defunct Boston Priest's Forum is a matter of record.

he is an antichrist.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I'm sorry to have led you to the brink of sin. I withdraw my comment on the Lavendar Mafia.

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

You didn't lead me at all. Believe you me, I can get to the brink of sin all by myself.

I just meant that though McBrien and his girlfriend are out of the closet, I wasn't sure I wanted to bring that snake to the surface.

With the antics of this enemy of Christ's Church destroying himself and the spiritual well being of many children whom he has influence with the position the Vatican permits him to have in spite of it all - I think bringing it into the light is actually righteous.