Saturday, October 3, 2009

Are Harry Reid & Dems Really Planning a Healthcare Coup?

From Rush and the Heritage Foundation

RUSH: If you were not here yesterday I want to review what the tactic is in the Senate to get a health care bill on Obama's desk in the next couple of weeks. And the source for this is the Heritage Foundation, and I've doubled checked it with a couple other people. It is exactly right. Here's how the process will work. Harry Reid is going to put... There's a bunch of different bills that he could attach one of the Senate health care bills to as an amendment. It was originally suspected that what Harry Reid would do would be to take a bill that the House passed long ago that's been languishing in the Senate, a bill that taxes the bones of employees who receive TARP funds. The Senate has not acted on that. And, remember, in the Senate everything has to get 60 votes other than budget bills. Sixty votes before final debate and final vote can take place. It's called cloture.

Good grief.

Could it be possible they've missed the signs that the country is on the verge of a revolt?

Could the Gimme-This-Gimme-That people really be blind to seeing their earthly king is in the altogether?

This is hard to imagine.

On the onehand, ushering the communists out of Washington in 2010 would be less of a challenge. On the other, there's a palpable rage in the subterfuge of the theft of our financial institutions, credit, healthcare, our sovereignty and the freedoms in our country as we know it - and I fear there is a revolution cooking.

Round up the prayer warriors.

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