Friday, October 16, 2009


Boy, has this story taken off in the last 24 hours.

First the news that the young boy blabbed that Daddy told him not to answer when people call his name because they "were doing it for a show" and proceeded to vomit each time he was asked what he meant by that (talk about EXPLOITATION OF A MINOR CHILD--DSS material as far as I'm concerned).

Then came youtubes of the children uttering profanity and the f bomb, news that they all slept in their clothing in case they needed to "chase a storm", had been on "wife swap" reality shows TWICE, had approached TLC about doing a reality show about his family...and the news that before Daddyo called the police, he called the news and asked them to send a chopper with a camera. Now,a home video of the take-off has surfaced.

Before the fame-seeking backyard scientist Richard Heene phoned the police to report that his 6-year-old son, Falcon, had floated away on a homemade flying saucer Thursday morning, he called a local TV station and asked them to send a news helicopter.

Speculation that the runaway balloon was a publicity stunt by the family increased Thursday night after Falcon, in an interview on CNN, was asked why he had hid from his family for five hours — in the garage attic, the one place investigators did not search — while local and federal authorities scoured three counties, fearing he had fallen from the balloon.

“You guys said that, um, we did this for the show,” the boy said.



A student who worked with Richard Heene says he has proof that a very similar publicity stunt was part of their reality show pitch to TLC.

And, Child Protective Services has finally been called in.

Child Protective Services has also reportedly been asked to interview Falcon Heene's family and Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden said they would "probably open an investigation."

ABC News reported Alderden as saying he requested CPS wait to interview the boy and his family until after law enforcement was able to question the family Saturday.

I meant to mention that a colleague of mine who saw the interview clip on Diane Sawyer told me it was so disturbing, she had to shut it off. Here's the clip. Sawyer asked questions of the child about his comment that it was all about "a show" and ballooon boy and proceeded to gag - the parents were inattentive and let him go off to vomit by himself - Sawyer had to tell them to take care of their vomiting son.

By the way, the Sawyer interview appears to have a smoking gun. When Sawyer asks Richard Heene whether he and his wife were there when the balloon took off, Heene says they weren't, they were in the house and didn't see it. The home videos of the moment the balloon takes off captures them right there.

All of the youtubes of the family demonstrate there's something extremely disturbing about these reckless parents. If it's true they put the burden of this elaborate lie on a six year old, they are beneath contempt.

**Update 2 - "Big Announcement" coming at 10:00 am Pacific time, according to Richard Heene.

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