Monday, October 12, 2009

Local Hero Ray Neary

Ex-Teacher Gives Sex-Ed Failing Grade

Sex education has devolved into a “how-to” course on hooking up, says one retired teacher who is demanding that the Legislature toss out the current sex ed law, make the classes elective, and tell parents what is being taught.

Raymond Neary, a former member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association board of directors, has enlisted Republican representatives to his cause.

“There’s got to be a filter somehow. This issue is so tied to moral, ethical and religious values of parents,” Neary said. “It’s a very different area from teaching the Civil War, for example, or mathematics.”

Let parents teach their own values to their own children.

Teachers shouldn't have the rights to usurp our moral compass in a free country.

Hijacking young girls and teaching them human sexuality and emotional intimacy comes cheap is wreaking havoc upon aspirations to find a loyal husband and father to their children. A vast majority of men can't be bothered with the kind of work it takes to form healthy and lasting relationships, they've been brainwashed that happiness in life is about finding a piece of ass. The schools are full of children acting out in one way or another the ultimate aggressions of living this way.

Ray Neary has been plugging away at this battle for decades at great personal sacrifice and cost. I've been proud to work with Ray and beside Ray on occassions when our paths crossed.

We're so grateful here in Massachusetts for his labor.

May God inspire and strengthen Ray for many years to come.

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