Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Clarity on the Scuffle at Our Lady of Knock

Earlier this month, Knock made the headlines again when some 5,000 people gathered there in the hope of seeing an apparition of Our Lady, following the prediction by Dubliner Joe Coleman, who describes himself as “a visionary of our Blessed Mother and a spiritual healer under the energy of the Holy Spirit”. A video posted on YouTube of the sun breaking through the clouds at Knock on October 11th, with a voiceover by Coleman, has to date attracted almost 10,500 views.

Not much to see, other than the sun peeking through the clouds in Ireland. They evidently don't see the sun often enough to recognize the phenomenon as completely natural.

Coleman is now predicting that this Saturday, at 3pm, Our Lady will appear in the Knock Basilica, and that there will be even larger crowds in attendance this time, now that word is spreading via the internet.

This ought to be interesting.

The prediction comes with my favorite big red flag: Our Lady is going to shut the gates of Heaven to anyone who doesn't believe Coleman.

Coleman claims that Mary, in her latest apparition, told him she is very angry: “She will rock the foundations of the church if the people do not listen, from Rome back down to where we are, down to Knock. And the gates of Heaven will be closed.” How will she do this? “She says she’ll do it, I don’t know how she’ll do it, but she’s angry,” he repeats.

That is just not something that is coming from the Holy Spirit for reasons I don't think any reader here needs an explanation about.


TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

My wife was a bit incensed by
my comment regarding Ivan but
when snake oil salesmen slander the Blessed Mother somebody should
at least smote them upon the head.
Or in the case of Knock give them
a fine rap on the nog'n
with a shillelagh.

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

LCIB, Oh boy, sorry to hear!

You know what Medjugorge reminds me of?

A family driving in a station wagon with their children in the back seat reading Harry Potter as a religious guide for their lives. When one child realizes the dark nature of some substance and tries to persuade the other children to see the darkness and warn them, ill will is directed towards the child bringing the truth to the situation - the parents say nothing. Relationships and unity in the family gets damaged. Parents say nothing.

This is absurd, right?

No astute parent would ignore something that is tearing their family apart and give direction in the situation would they.

Some Priests, Bishops and men running the Vatican lack the fundamental nature of spiritual parenting.

I've known several people once devoted to Medjugorje who have come across Ivan to and fro in the North End and seen clear evidence of shenanigans. It's impossible to reconcile his behavior with the idea that he is a holy vessel of this magnitude.

The children of Fatima, Bernadette didn't travel the world putting on shows for people and taking money for it. This scandal alone should be a heads-up.

They are shiesters. I sure hope the Vatican steps in and puts the thing out of its misery like any parent has the duty to do when their children are being conned.

Anonymous said...

I think the Vatican is prudent
to not get involved. The local
bishop is where the disobedience
or error occurs.