Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our soldiers in Afghanistan are sitting ducks

It's McChrystal clear that the President is out of the loop on what is going on in Afghanistan and his ignorance has now cost American soldiers their lives.

It began before dawn — a devastating, well-planned attack. About 300 insurgents swarmed out of a village and mosque and attacked a pair of isolated American outposts in a remote mountainous area of eastern Afghanistan with machineguns, rockets and grenades.

They first stormed the Afghan police post at the foot of the hill in the province of Nuristan, a Taleban and al-Qaeda stronghold on the lawless Pakistan border. They then swept up to the Nato post. The battle lasted all day. American and Afghan soldiers finally repelled them, with the help of US helicopters and warplanes — but at heavy cost.

Eight American soldiers and two Afghan policemen were killed, with many injured. It was the worst attack on Nato forces in 14 months, and one of the deadliest battles of the eight-year war.
International terrorists are watching Obama's disinterest and indecisiveness in Afghanistan. The world is far less safer place since Barack became President. It's anyone's guess how much impact his Tom Foolery will have on us.


Anonymous said...

They are not just our soldiers they are our sons and daughters protecting us and the beaten down. They act on our behalf and for our safety. I wonder would the president do everything in his power to rescue, protect and mend them where necesssary?

From the beautiful City of Boston said...

Of course, our sons and daughters - how could I have been so blind?