Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scott Brown

I've had many questions in the comments section and emails about Scott Brown's position on abortion.

Scott was forthright enough to give me some clarification today. He's prochoice but against partial-birth abortion:

Hi Carol.I am against partial-birth abortion, for parental consent, and against federal funding for abortions. Hope this helps.

No, I'm afraid that doesn't help at all.


Faith said...

He's also for capital punishment. So he flunks the Right to Life issues.

Lynne said...

Capital punishment is negotiable, abortion isn't.

Carol, I'm shocked. I feel so stupid. I just assumed (yes, I know what happens when one assumes...) he was pro-life. Whew! I'm glad I hadn't contributed to his campaign yet.

Thank you!

melodie said...

Actually, I have talked to Scott Brown in person at his HQ, and he said he has always been pro-life and has always voted that way. Also his website confirms this.
If you don't believe me, check his website at He is the only hope we pro-lifers have.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation said...


Sometimes people throw the word "prolife" around but it no way do they mean to convey they oppose abortion from the moment of conception to natural death. Patrick Kennedy, in fact, took up issue with the meaning of "prolife" trying to twist the meaning. Scott supports first trimester abortion.When Scott says he voted prolife, he's not speaking any vote that had anything to do with abortion. He's twisting himself into a pretzel and many have had the conversation with him about his support for abortion. In fact, he says right there on his website that abortion is between a woman and her doctor but he'd like to do things to reduce abortion. This makes him no different than any of the Democrats running in my book. If you want to say you'll vote for him as the lesser of two evils, that is one thing. But circulating misinformation in the prolife community about his being prolife and the only hope for prolifers is ridiculous. Brown was campaigning for Charlie Baker and other prochoice candidates for God's sake.

John Howard said...

Hi folks,

I'm running a write-in campaign because I don't trust that Brown is opposed to genetic engineering of children and attempting to create offspring for same-sex couples using artificial gametes. Being pro-choice is a stronger indicator than his belief that marriage is a man and a woman, as there are indeed many people who hold that position but still think that we have to allow labs to create babies however they want to, including combining the genes of two men or two women, or enhancing or improving the child's genes somehow.

Let everyone know that we can vote on marriage on January 19th by writing me in. All it takes is writing "John Howard". Even if I don't win, it will help show that people are pro-life and opposed to genetic engineering and same-sex conception, and that we take it seriously. We can stop same-sex marriage in Massachusetts and all 50 states by putting my idea for a Compromise in the spotlight.

Thank you very much, and please spread the word about my candidacy. Though I am not born or raised Catholic, nor a churchgoer at all, I agree with the Pope and the Catholic Church on reproductive issues and responsibility to the planet expressed in the Caritas In Veritate.

John Howard said...

My website:

Bill said...

Joe Kennedy will be on the ballot. He was adopted, and will tell you that as a result there's no one more prolife on the ballot.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation said...

I've read Joe Kennedy's website. There is nothing whatsoever about abortion. If he's prolife, he's not willing to take a stand on it. That's as good as nothing.

In going through the links about "issues", it's a lot of bupkis. He's for the legalization of marijuana. His view on marriage is that every religion should have a view. This is nonsense.

It's about the moral code of laws of the country and all the peeps in the country lobbying to influence those bills.

His views on immigration are literally a long list of "on the other hand".