Sunday, November 1, 2009

Athiest Chaplain at Harvard

Its fascinating what people are sinking their teeth into~when you don't believe in God, there's a Harvard "humanist chaplain and rabbi" who'll navigate you beyond seeing Him when He surfaces in your life.

"A group called the Boston Area Coalition of Reason has spent $11,000 to buy ads on more than 200 subway cars on the Red Line and Green Line to raise awareness about people who believe that God is a myth."

"...It plans ads for another 10 cities, which will coincide with the publication of a book titled “Good Without God,’’ by Greg Epstein, a member of the coalition’s board who is the humanist chaplain at Harvard.

You've just got to visit the "You can be good without God, millions of Americans Are" promotion for their website. Be patient and take a look over on the right, there's flicker images where they're actually all sitting in some kind of pews and another image of their icon - a circle with a flame inside of it. "Get involved" it says at the bottom of the flashing images.

Get involved?

With what?

What kind of stuff do you need to get involved with to keep your faith in nothing alive?

I took a look at their "photo album" because the curiosity was killing me.

In these photos, they're gathered around trees, animals, things that have grown in the earth and they are dancing in the snowflakes that fall from the sky.

These are smart people. Smart people get smart because they've exercised their intellectual curiosity. Intellectual curiosity is a process that thinks about questions when we observe things, and inspires us to pursue information to feed answers into our brains.

There are plenty of intellectually passive people all around us. Intellectually passive people don't get into Harvard.

It takes a lot of willful distraction to shut your intellectual curiosity system down. When you're doing it, it's the precursor to giving yourself permission to do something harmful to your well-being.

People used to have to seek tools to shut down these natural instincts on their own when they were on a collision course of rebellion and defiance against God. There are now formal activities directors to give you momentum in distractions to keep yourself from thinking there is a God and these folks actually call themselves "rabbi" and "chaplain".

Quite the schtick. Mazel Tov.

Amazingly, this has been going on at Harvard for 30 years.

Wouldn't you think one of the luminaries would look around on their "stay uninvolved with God field trips" and as they're pruning and planting and petting the animals say to themselves "hey, this is nice stuff, I wonder who made it, where it all came from and how it all sustains itself?"

When it comes right down to the nitty-gritty, none of them have looked at the ocean, a sunset or sunrise, the snow, flowers, birds, animals, trees, the complexity of the body, minds and spirits of the people around them ~ and remembered that nothing comes from nothing? Realized what is so painfully obvious, there is a Superior Mind that created all this?

There was a time when there was nothing. I've never heard any athiest even attempt a logical explanation of how, in all the nothingness, the planets, stars, earth, wind, sky, plants, animals came into being.

In the stillness of thoughts in the minds of these smart people, they have to know nature cannot be created in a vacuum of nothing. Not a single human being can create anything of material substance or force out of nothing.

This dude has them on the run from their those thoughts.

There's even a page for "parenting beyond belief"

Talk about an oxymoron.

If you've got children and you don't want see God there, that takes some kind of herculean effort against the human mind, heart and soul. God's presence and grace is pretty hard to miss.

What kind of preponderances take place at those meetings?

Where do the socks go on their sojourn from the laundry basket to the dryer?

When you don't want to face the truth, you need a distraction. Doesn't it seem comical that
Greg Epstein can lead all these smart people to literally put their hands on God's creations to "get involved" as an activity to convince yourself to remain uninvolved with God?

That's like swearing off icecream and "getting involved" by volunteering to churn it once a week at the Ben and Jerry's IceCream Plant in Vermont.

I've involved myself in several hairbrained schemes on my journey through life. The Good Lord provided us all with the internal mechanisms to know the truth and to recognize malarkey when we hear it. On looking back , I sometimes laugh at myself when I see the lengths of absurdity God went to to get me to acknowledge the promptings of Grace that knaw at you when you've derailed.

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