Monday, November 23, 2009

Coakley and Capuano Take Pot Shots at the Catholic Church

US Representative Michael Capuano and Attorney General Martha Coakley both said Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin’s overreacted in his written request that US Representative Patrick Kennedy not take communion because of the Rhode Island Democrat’s stance on abortion.

“And they wonder why people stop going to church,” Capuano said during an hourlong discussion moderated by Emily Rooney that will air tonight on WGBH-TV. “As far as I’m concerned, they haven’t written me. Maybe they’ve just written me off, I don’t know.”

“I consider myself a Catholic and I disagree with my church on several items,” listing abortion, gay marriage, and the restrictions on women and married men from serving as priests.

Coakley, who has been criticized for not prosecuting Rev. John Geoghan earlier, had even harsher words for her church.

“I also disagree with the institution and the role they played in hiding pedophile priests for years,” he said. “It seems to me a little bit ironic that a church that was willing to overlook the victimization of many, many children over several years is now turning around and saying to people who are good Christians, good Catholics, that, ‘You can’t join this.’”

“This position of this bishop has indicated that some of the bishops want to get more political, and I think people will react to it very badly,” Coakley said, adding that it has not been an issue in the Boston Archdiocese.

That's amazing considering the news today that Coakley protected and hid at least one pedophile who went on to abuse more children.

Indeed the Boston Cathedra is sede vacante. In fact, it's worse than sede vacante as they're actively assisting oppressors of the Catholic religion.

Anyway, I wish these two turkeys would join another religion and disavow their tenets in the public square.


Jack said...

Wouldn't you love to see Cardinal O'Malley address the scandalous comments of these two in the public square?
(When turkeys fly, as the saying goes... but everything is possible with God.)

BrianAMcB said...

Thanks to Coakley and Capuano for speaking for many in the church. A silent majority is tired of kowtowing to the right wing intolerant vocal minority.