Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Planned Parenthood at Odds with Congress

House passage of a sweeping anti-abortion amendment has set off a wave of soul-searching and finger-pointing among abortion rights activists — many of whom thought they’d found a safe harbor when Democrats won the White House and big majorities in Congress last year.

“The reality is that we have a Democratic Congress, but we don’t have a pro-choice Congress,” said Laurie Rubiner, vice president of Planned Parenthood. “We’ve been making that point for months, but I think there were some people who didn’t get that point until now.”

Rubiner, like other abortion rights activists, lobbied hard to block passage of Michigan Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak’s amendment denying abortion funding through a proposed public-private health care exchange. But the amendment passed 240-194, with 64 House Democrats voting yes.

Some liberals are in an angry mood, blaming Stupak — and the Catholic bishops who backed his cause — for squeezing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as she tried to shore up support for her ambitious, imperiled health care reform package

Leave it to the Dean family to be crude and vulgar:

Howard Dean’s brother Jim Dean — the chairman of the progressive, pro-health-care-reform Democracy for America — is shipping hundreds of wire hangers to 20 abortion-rights-supporting House Democrats who voted yes for the anti-abortion Stupak amendment

When a country gives you the "freedom" and "right" to kill another human being, one of the people in that transaction has their freedom to live taken away from them violently. If protecting the civil and constitutional rights of the unborn causes people to kill other people in back alleys, the instruments they use and the chances they may take with their own lives isn't a good excuse for making the killing therapeutic and sterile. This is why we don't legalize gang land slayings.

There's a monkey wrench in their trajectory.

Keep praying.

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