Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Barry from D.C., a shlep in the White House

The dignity and class of the Office of President of the United States continues to be on reprieve.

He's taking heat from all sides, but Barack Obama still found time to play a joke on the Governor of Virginia during a live radio show yesterday -- calling in as "Barry from DC."

Acting like hillbillies without manners and dignity really adds insult to injury doesn't it?

Further, with the controversy about registering as a citizen of Indonesia as Barry Soroto, which actually would make him ineligible to the President of the United States, he sure doesn't mind waving the the illegal election right in everyone's face.

A nudge and a wink with his alias name. Isn't that special.

Take a peek at the Communist dictator and transvestite ornaments adorning the Christmas tree of Barack or Barry, whatever his real name is.

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