Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Ten Prolife Stories of 2009

Jill Stanek's list.

Cardinal O'Malley, Cardinal McCormack's abortion businesses don't make the list because they were able to manipulate and control the Catholic press into keeping their murdering business secretive.

Nonetheless, I believe what these two Cardinals have done is the most egregious assault against life and liberty to practice medicine as Catholics in the history of our existence. The impact of what they've done to the country is still subterfuge.

What is almost worse was finding the cult of secrecy they still demand from Catholic press when they're committing crimes against humanity. It's disheartening and confirms that some Catholics will still cover up assaults against children on the say-so of a Cardinal.

The magnitude of the corruption has yet to be revealed. But, you can take this to the bank: IT WILL BE!

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