Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coakley throws Obama and the Dems under the bus

The backstabbing has now commenced.

The Coakley campaign is bridling at finger-pointing from the White House and Washington Democrats, and an outside adviser to the campaign has provided to POLITICO a memo aimed at rebutting the charge that Coakley failed and making the case that national Democrats failed her.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid and skunks have a lot in common - when people see them coming, they run the other way.

The Boston Globe apparently posted election results complete with a map, with Martha Coakley winning the race.

More delusion at the White House where Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today actually said the first election of a Republican in Massachusetts since 1972, in Ted Kennedy's seat no less, is a causal effect of anger aimed at the failed policies of the Bush Administration and the GOP.

Insulting the peoples' intelligence?

Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, Pelosi was busy plotting how to get healthcare passed - possibly getting the 217 democrats in the house passing the Senate version.

Gee, it doesn't seem they've gotten the message.

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