Sunday, January 10, 2010

Emily's List President Frantically Raising Money for Coakley

Still, seeing Coakley and Planned Parenthood types have to struggle in the People's Republik of Massachusetts sure is an indicator the Dems are in deep doodoo.

In a scathing new email to its members, outgoing Emily's List president Ellen Malcolm is hoping to raise $500,000 for pro-abortion Massachusetts special Senate election candidate Martha Coakley. Malcolm notes the changing polls showing good news for her Republican challenger Scott Brown and the ability of the race to shape the debate over the pro-abortion health care bill.

"Martha Coakley is being inundated with GOP and far right-wing attacks -- and it's working. Polls are tightening in the Massachusetts Senate race, thanks to blatant lies about Martha's record and a GOP giddy at the prospect of taking over Senator Edward M. Kennedy's seat. Health care -- and the opportunity to elect the state's first woman senator -- is on the line," she said. "We must act now. With the election just 10 days away, we don't have a moment to waste," Malcolm continues.

"Republicans are pulling out all the stops -- lies and distortions, massive independent expenditures, fundraising advantages -- and counting on a very low turnout in the January 19 special election to take this seat. Like sharks circling, GOP interest groups are quickly going on television to attack Martha.The Club for Growth and Chamber of Commerce are contacting stations to place their ads."

Closing out the attack-filled email, Malcolm says, "The GOP sees an opportunity to break Democrats' 60-seat majority -- a prospect that would be disastrous for the issues we care about -- and they will stop at nothing to win."

I'm not going to voting booth but neither am I going to be crying to see this crowd miserable and empty on the 19th.

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