Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Name, url

Hope everyone makes the jump!

It seems the url from the previous name is broken. There was a time when the blog was up to 2000 readers a week - but the constant name changes, etc., brought me down to around 800 or so. Perhaps I'll be starting from scratch here but eventually the diehard readers will find me.



Anonymous said...

Your titles get more and more creative! Let's pray that we can accomplish this goal.

KD said...

I'm with Anonymous! Amen to that!

Lynne said...

I lost you when the url changed because I follow all the blogs that I read (over 150 of them) by RSS in Google Reader. I'll fix my RSS feed so I get your posts again.

Carol McKinley said...

Yeah, I think I should have just changed the name of the blog - not the URL, like I've been doing.

You not only lose the links you lose your google groveling history - which means the keywords in your posts that make you climb to the top of a google are back at scratch.

I found out later there's a way to start a new blog and transfer the content of the old blog to the new blog. Though I don't know how that affect the google - etc.

About 50 of the 800 or so readers have emailed me a "wha happen" email or found their way in 24 hours. I'm sort of sorry I lost kalea there but hopefully we exhausted the subject matter!

Happy New Year!