Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama's Visit to Boston to Stump for Coakley

It's hard to believe, but the Democrats are definitely NOT getting why a Republican is in the lead for the seat held by Ted Kennedy for over 40 years.

This afternoon, Obama recycled all the voodoo politics of "the change you can believe in" and flew it up the flagpole at Northeastern University.

Among the things he said:

“I’ve come to talk about one thing. I’ve come to talk about Tuesday. On Tuesday you have the unique and special responsibility to fill the Senate seat you sent Ted Kennedy to fill for nearly 47 years, I am here to tell you the person for that job is your Attorney General Martha Coakley...

What Martha’s opponent is preaching we’ve already tried and it didn’t work,” Obama said. “Understand what’s at stake here Massachusetts. It’s whether we’re going backward or forward. If you were fired up in the last election I need you more fired up in this election”
Four words:

Ted's seat, Martha's losing.

Obama, played an interesting card to distance the seat from Ted Kennedy, :

There’s been a lot said in this race about how it’s not Ted Kennedy’s seat, it’s the people’s seat. Let me tell you the first person who would agree with that is Ted Kennedy....
How peculiar. If it's the people's seat, what's Paul Kirk doing down there in Washington?

It's a particularly hard sell since Vicky stood beside Obama with a message from Ted's grave:

"As Teddy would say, Jan. 19 is the date, Massachusetts is the state, and Martha Coakley is our candidate," Kennedy told the crowd.

Come on.

If it isn't Teddy's seat, what's Vicky doing in the eleventh hour glued to Coakley's side?

Later Saturday, Coakley campaigned in Boston and points north, appearing with Sen. Kennedy’s widow, Vicki.

“Martha Coakley is about that march for progress. Make no mistake about it, we are in a fight for the march for progress,” said Vicki Kennedy.

People have seen a year of 'the march'.

It's a march towards withholding medical care from and euthanizing the elderly, sick and suffering to give health care to people to people who are perfectly able to get a job that has insurance - like the rest of us.

It's a march towards demoralizing police the military.

It's a march towards releasing and coddling terrorists.

It's a march towards such complete incompetence, the people having to struggle with terrorists as they sit beside them on the planes as they take our lip gloss away.

It's a march towards bankrupting the United States.

It's a march towards Joe Stalin.

The people have marched away from it and the sad thing is, they don't even know it.

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Anonymous said...

Vicky was Ted's trophy wife.

...Brown in a land slide.