Sunday, January 17, 2010

Okay, who gave my home phone number to the GOP?

Are not the number of phone calls from the Brown people a wee bit excessive?

I'm getting calls several times a day for a cast of characters where the IT technology actually starts the phone call by saying "Hi Carol..."

I keep smelling the Romneybots.


Anonymous said...

I've had 4 such calls today, beginning at 11am, that's today and I have several Friday & Saturday - What happened to the DO NOT CALL LISTS! They're pushing it can't wait until Tuesday is over!

Anonymous said...

Non-profit & Politians are excempt from the do not call list use, something that should CHANGE!

AH, just got a Martha call!!! They must have the Unenrolled list!

Jerry said...

I got 5 calls yesterday. I answered one, and told the caller that Brown supports abortion on demand and that I can't go along with it.

We have total eclipse of reason. First, Cd. O'Malley sets up an insurance company to rescue Caritas and kill babies, but that's Catholic! Now MCFL says Brown is a "pro-life vote" in the Senate. The years of pro-life compromising is paying off, no?