Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scott Brown Says He'd Pose Again Naked.

In the Scott Brown round up from yesterday, we learn Brown offered to endorse Menino, his wife Gail Huff entertained topless in the music video "the girl with the curious hand" and he may do another nude centerfold spread as a great way to show the GOP isn't old and out of touch.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Brown say they have had a good relationship for years, and Brown even offered to endorse the mayor in his recent re-election.

I'm glad we didn't have to suffer this "pro-life" indignity but I'm curious to know where MCFL will go from here, aren't you?

Who is the lesser of two evils in the Baker/Patrick race?

Brace yourself. We may soon be hearing "pro-life Patrick".

Super-hot Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts says he's out to prove he's not your average stuffy old GOP politician.

Brown is tailor-made for television and magazines - he's good-looking, charismatic, and he even posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine back in the day. In fact, the 50-year-old Brown told reporters that he may do another nude shoot. A website quoted him as saying, “I think this would be a great way to show the people that the Republican party isn’t just old, and out of touch. Heck, Republicans can even be sexy."

The new "pro-life" movement.

Of course it isn't new to grassroots prolifers in Boston. MCFL has been endorsing pro-choice politicians for at least a decade. A long list of stealth prolife politicians whose votes went to empower promiscuity, Planned Parenthood and the proaborts.

Wake up Pro-lifers, before you find yourselves swimming in the culture MCFL empowered in Massachusetts.

And, if you speak up, you'll find yourselves under the bus. Possibly with your Cardinal Archbishop calling you a person doing a disservice to Christ's Church.

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground. Looking like a fool witcha pants on the ground.


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Better Scott Brown than Barney Frank. Still...

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About Brown: Don’t Get Too Attached!

January 25, 2010

... I ask conservatives who along with me thrilled to the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts last week, not to get too attached to him. It’s wonderful that we have a 41st vote; I’m ecstatic that the Senate has another member who is against health care, sealing its doom, against cap and trade et al. But don’t get too attached to him. Especially for heaven’s sake don’t start talking him up for the presidency. He’s only 50. Let him simmer. Don’t repeat what Democrats did to another supposed glory boy, Obama. For the closer you get to Brown and learn more about him, the less you may like him…or some members of his family.

Scott Brown has all the impediments that one is expected to have who comes from a chaotic family. Remember Bill Clinton whose mother was nothing more than a gambling tramp? Whose imbroglio with a boy friend made young Clinton get up in the middle of the night and have to mediate between his mother and a raging boy friend? You think that experience doesn’t do something to a guy? Well, just look at Clinton and the bimbo eruptions.

Scott Brown’s background is just like Clinton’s only worse. His mother and father were each married three times. Scott Brown at age 9 had to get up in the middle of the night and prevent a male visitor to his mother’s bedroom from cutting her ear-to-ear with a butcher knife. Trying to pay his tuition to law school motivated Brown to pose semi-draped for Cosmopolitan. Call me a sexist but women who model and pose do what women have done for two millennia. A man who does so looks and indeed is…well…unmanly. Can you imagine this revelation made of a candidate 20 or 30 years ago? The fact that it was sloughed off…by the media…and more noteworthy by us…indicates the decadence caused by the slime in which we live and breathe.

Now…there’s more.

Remember election night when Brown appeared on stage with his two gorgeous daughters? He declared the younger one, the one who nearly won American Idol “available” at a rally covered by the national media. Why was the younger girl…on the stage with her family in mid-winter in Boston (and having lived for a year in Cambridge I can tell you those winters rival Chicago’s)…why was this younger girl on stage in a strapless evening gown with bare shoulders when everyone else was sweater-clad, buttoned up in woolies to the chin? Why didn’t her mother, the Boston television reporter Gail Huff, check her kid out before her appearance on Victory Night?

And about Gail Huff…the media covering Brown were exceedingly friendly. They didn’t cover the shoddy, sleazy film she made as a young actress years before…a film in which she was celebrated performing simulated male masturbation. I’ve seen it on YouTube. A forgiving God was working for Brown during the campaign else that film could have caused national repercussions and have easily lost the election. Nauseating. What sort of woman would make this thing? What sort of mind-set?

Enough. ... Don’t get too attached to Brown…or his family.

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Love the comments!