Thursday, March 18, 2010

Are "the nuns" voting in Congress?

This LA Times story named "Healthcare Bill Picking Up Key Votes" featuring the announcement yesterday from key Democratic nutjob Kucinich that he is supporting the bill as proof the healthcare bill is picking up steam in Congress also noted 90% of "Catholic nuns" are supportive of the initiation into a Marxist regime:

Among social conservatives, the legislation won an important new endorsement from dozens of leaders of Catholic nuns, including a group that says it represents more than 90% of the 59,000 nuns in the United States. That contrasted with the staunch opposition of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which issued a statement Monday arguing that the bill would not adequately guard against using federal funds for abortion. The nuns disagreed, and so did a retired bishop.

Some days I wonder how I ever theologically survived the indoctrination and propaganda of "the nuns". Thankfully, my high school taught the authentic faith for the most part and there was one nun who just rode my conscience for four years. I owe that woman the price of the salvation of my soul.

In any event, isn't it odd the story counting up the Democrats caving to the communist in the White House would mention what we all know has led a generation and this nation into perdition

This is their moment.

Good luck with that with Christ. Many will be stepping on their skulls on their way to their eternal resting place.

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